Pregnancy Massage DVD Review & $5 off Coupon

If you are or have ever been pregnant, I know you have dreamed about getting a pregnancy massage. Maybe some of you lucked out and got pampered, others of us didn’t. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this DVD, not only so my husband could learn basic techniques to be applied at anytime, but also because we’ve decided to TTC in 2010 and I want to make sure I get the TLC I deserve the next time around! And at a fraction of the cost of one 30-60 minute massage session you can have some basic techniques at you and your partner’s finger tips to use any time you need.

How to Massage Your Pregnant Partner is a DVD guide for all of us visual learners to learn basic techniques to sooth the normal physical aches and pains that come with pregnancy and to aid in stress relief and hormonal changes. Pregnancy massage needs to be treated differently than regular massage, and massage therapist Gretchen Rivas teaches safe, gentle techniques that will target those normal issues that ail you during your pregnancy. If you are high risk or have special circumstances make sure to consult your doctor before using these massage techniques. 

My husband and I had a blast watching this video together and testing out the techniques. It was really a fun, bonding experience for us. The introduction segment caught us off guard, because it went straight into a sample Pregnancy Massage session, and we thought we were supposed to be participating and didn’t know how. So make sure to remember the first chapter of the DVD does a small overview of the areas and techniques that will be discussed, before it breaks it down in the tutorials. Each body area is separated into segments so partners can do one, all or some of the techniques as needed at that particular time. 

The instructions were easy to follow and I felt there was a balance of enough information to educate and teach the techniques properly without giving too much information which would have made it overwhelming. Whether you decide to get professional pregnancy massages or not, this DVD is a great resource to use on an everyday basis and to teach basic massage techniques that can even be used after your pregnancy days. This would even be a great video to watch as girlfriends to pamper a pregnancy mama at a shower or girl’s night!

About Gretchen Rivas:

Use the code “RP09007” at check out for $5 off your order! This coupon expires February 14, 2010

A DVD was provided by Relax! Productions for this review.
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  1. I learned one of the top 10 reasons to get a massage from Relax is to relieve anxiety and stress.

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  6. Elijah, Amy and Baby T says:

    Massage does improve your sense of well being!! It just plain makes you feel more aware, calm and relaxed. Prenatal massages are great!!

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    massage reduces swelling and helps you sleep better
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  19. I learned that pregnancy massage can result in improved outcome of labor and lessened labor pains!

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  26. I learned a benifit from pregnancy massage is Increased circulation and blood flow to the uterus, placenta and fetus

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