Happy Heinys Mama Cloth Review

Happy Heinys one size diapers were one of the first diapers I tried on my daughter and still remain one the staples in our stash. That being said I just had to try their mama pads when I started researching different brands for this section of my blog. These pads come in two lengths (regular and overnight/postpartum) and are made of similar materials as their diapers. Like their pocket diapers the waterproof layer is made from a PUL fabric and the stay dry liner is made from soft microfleece. The core layer is comprised of thirsty hemp fleece which is the popular material used in their fitted diapers. 

I was able to review the overnight/postpartum pads and the only difference between the regulars is that there is an extra layer of hemp fleece and it is two inches longer. Otherwise, I would imagine that they are pretty comparable in fit and function. These were soft, absorbent and maintained a stay-dry feeling. I tried them both during the day and overnight and had no leaks or complaints. As with any pad, remember to rinse them before storing them to prevent staining, especially on white materials like this microfleece. The core layer is sewn down on each end, but not along the sides which seemed to allow for quicker drying time and I would imagine more thorough cleaning in the wash. 

The only other things I would mention is that it does get a little twisted in the wash, but not significantly (you will just need to pat it flat after it dries), and the hemp core shrinks up a little in the initial washes which pulls a little at the front of the pad. Neither affect the function or fit of the pad, however, I don’t want any surprises so make a note when purchasing them. A pretty affordable cloth pad option, they are sold both individually and in 3-packs for additional savings.

Overall Rating: 9

Overall Fit: 9

Style: All-in-one

Closure Style: Snap, one

Ease of Use:

Absorption: Great

Materials Used: PUL, microfleece and hemp fleece

Durability: 9

Pocket Opening: None

About: http://www.happyheinys.com/company_history.php?t=2

Affordability: $

Cost: $18/3-pack (regular), $19.50/3-pack (overnight/postpartum)

Care and Use: http://www.happyheinys.com/caring_for_diapers.php?t=1


Warranty: http://www.happyheinys.com/warranty.php?t=2

Website: http://www.happyheinys.com/

Compare to: Snap-EZ Feminine Eco Pads

A set of overnight pads were provided by Happy Heinys for this review.
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