Ecostore USA Auto Dish Powder Review & Sale of their Baby Care Products

Ecostore USA first catches your eye with their “no nasty chemicals” philosophy that is the root and foundation for all of their cleaning, bath and body products. They have everything from baby soaps and diaper creams to laundry detergents and pet care. I had the opportunity to review their Auto Dish Powder and will be reviewing their Front Loader Laundry Powder next month during my laundry event. 

I will say flat out that I have not used powder dishwasher detergent in years, because it just seems to be messier, mainly due to the carboard boxes they come in. The bottle for this Ecostore Auto Dish Powder was surprisingly easy to pour, and only a tablespoon was needed as it is highly concentrated. As you probably know you can fit a higher concentrated a powder or liquid into a smaller container, which in turn produces less waste. 

It has a safety cap, which creates another barrier for children to get into, although you should still store all chemicals and cleaning products in a safe place. The dishwasher detergent seemed to do the job well and my dishes came out just as clean as products I was previously using. What is the difference? I am not paranoid about residue (particularly bleach) that may stillbe on the dishes and sippy cups or wasting water when adding an extra rinse for my peace of mind. I have a tendency to over stuff my dishwasher at times, and I felt like I needed to be more careful in avoiding this when using this detergent. It doesn’t blast scum and food off with ingredients you can’t pronounce, but did a fine job as long as my utensils had a little room to breathe. 




Ecostore USA currently has their Baby Care products on promotion for 50% off! Check out their line here. I am curious to try their Baby Nappy Balm and they have free shipping every day on orders $25+.

Auto Dish Powder was provided by Ecostore USA for this review.
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