Cloth Diaper and Donation Fundraisers for Haiti

It is touching to see so many manufacturers, cloth diaper shop owners and families putting their efforts together to aid those in Haiti, particularly the children in diapers. If you have not heard there are raffles, fundraisers, donation collections and many other efforts to get clean diapers and other basic needs to those suffering through this natural disaster. 

This tragedy is really close to home and hard to swallow as I was in a major earthquake almost exactly 15 years ago on January 17, 1995 in Kobe, Japan. I remember the destruction, chaos and fear as a young middle schooler as well as the months it took to get water, heat and other basic needs restored. We were so grateful for the churches and schools that housed supplies that were donated from around the world and I imagine the donors were people much like you. 

Below are a few raffles and donation efforts I have information about, but please feel free to comment on this article if you know of others that we all should know about: 

*Diaper Shops is holding a raffle to raise money to donate to the American Red Cross Response Fund Haiti relief. At $10 per raffle ticket, you can enter to win one of FIVE prizes, but even better you will be helping a child or family get basic needs for survival. This is a great place to donate if you are wanting to help with the cause, but could also use a chance at some cloth diapering supplies for your own family. The grand prize is worth over $260 and the four runner ups get $100 GCs to any of her diaper shops! This raffle ends January 21, 2010 so hurry and grab your tickets!

*Giggle Britches is participating in Happy Heinys’ call for help by donating a Happy Heinys diaper for every Happy Heinys One Size diaper purchased on their site through 1/31/2010. Happy Heinys is working to deliver these diapers to orphanages in Haiti and with Free Shipping in the U.S. you can contribute towards to cause by purchasing a great diaper you may already need. 

*Happy Heinys is focusing on sending cloth diapers, baby clothing and other essentials to many orphanages in the outskirts of town that they have been donating to for a number of years prior to this tragedy. They are looking for new/good condition reusable diapers and baby clothing as well as monetary donations to cover shipping, the purchase of other diapers and supplies, etc. Read the full letter from CEO Linda Byerline and other details here.

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  1. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    wonderful. tfs! I will look into these programs

  2. Mandylea82 says:

    Not to sound like a party pooper, but isn't sending cloth diapers a bit redundant considering these people have no reliable water supply in which to wash them? Are there people sending some disposables too?

  3. fancygrlnancy says:

    What a wonderful thing to do.

  4. Shari@aPsychMommy says:

    thanks for sharing this info. Happy Heinys is located in the city next to us and I know they do so many great things–I'll sort through some of my son's clothes and see if I can stop by this week to help out. It really is such a tragedy

  5. Kat @ says:

    Love your blog. I'll be back for sure. Our blogs are semi-similar; I'd love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec! Thanks!!

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