The Wonders of Wipes (by Tracy)

The Wonders of Wipes
by Tracy Dixon, Baby Blessings Natural Products
Many a family makes the choice to use cloth diapers without putting much thought into how they’ll wipe their baby.  The majority of parents ultimately make the decision to use cloth wipes with their cloth diapers for several reasons – cloth wipes are natural and reusable, they save money and time by buying wipes once, and they don’t have to store used wipes separately from the cloth diapers they’re already washing.  Plus, cloth wipes are also much more efficient than disposable, with rarely more than one needed per diaper change.
Once families make the choice to use cloth wipes, they soon realize that there’s more than one way to set up their cloth wiping system.  Here’s the lowdown on some of those choices and a few tips along the way.
Wipe Warmer
Wipe warmers are a popular baby shower gift, so lots of families end up with one they would like to put to use.  Cloth wipes are well-suited to a wipe warmer if an appropriate wipe solution is used.  As long as the wipes are the right size to fit in the warmer, preparation is as simple as putting the wipes in the warmer and pouring the wipe solution over the top.  Parents should consider both using a wipe solution with antibacterial properties (containing tea tree or lavender oil) and boiling the water in the solution prior to using it.  This should inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that might occur from the warm, moist environment that the warmer creates.  Our favorite recipe for a great-smelling, easy, and highly effective wipe solution is found at
On Demand
An even easier and cheaper way to store wipes is to simply store them dry and wet with wipe solution on demand.  No special devices are needed other than a container to store the wipe solution.  No boiling is needed and there’s no concern about the growth of organisms.  The quickest and most efficient method for wetting wipes on demand is to use a squirt bottle.  Spray bottles can be used, but they often require multiple sprays to get the cloth saturated, wasting time.  Nearly everyone gets a free peri-bottle at the birth of their child that is of little use after a few days.  However, that bottle is perfect for wipe solution storage.  Simply reuse that bottle or a well-cleaned dish detergent or water bottle.  When your baby needs to be wiped, fold the wipe into fourths and squirt, saturating it well.  Wipe with one side, then refold and wipe with a new clean side.  Because you can wet cloth wipes much more thoroughly than disposable, you’ll rarely need more than one.
Travel Pack
When traveling, you can continue to use the wipe warmer and on demand methods, but with slight variation.  A wipe warmer isn’t practical when you’re on the go, but pre-moistened wipes can be.  Simply store your wipes in a container and squirt with solution beforehand.  If you use this method, take care not to forget moist wipes in your travel bags for any extended time, due to the potential for bacterial growth.  For most, it’s simpler to keep dry wipes in the bag and a travel-sized container of wipe solution.  This eliminates the issue of remembering to unpack afterward, as this setup can be left in the bag all the time.
Here’s one final tidbit concerning wipes.  Ever been out and about and realized that you have your diapers, but forgot to grab your stack of wipes?  An easy solution to this issue is to lay each folded wipe in the diaper before storing them.  When you grab a diaper, your wipe is automatically there, ready to be used and right at hand.  You never have to worry about forgetting them again and you don’t have to waste time grabbing for another item.
Tracy Dixon is the owner of Baby Blessings Natural Products of Jacksonville, FL.  Her business provides several varieties of cloth diapers, breastfeeding accessories, lactation consultations, and natural childbirth classes.  Find out more about them at
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  1. Great idea about pairing a wipe with the diaper! I do that with my liners but never thought to do that with my wipes! Although I do use the wipes for other things as well (cleaning hands, etc.)

  2. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    Thanks for the great tips on using cloth wipes. I'm in the process of transitioning to cloth wipes and this post is full of good advice!

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