Snap-EZ Eco Feminine Pad Review

One of the first cloth pads I had the pleasure of trying this fall was the Snap-EZ medium pad in a cheery, bright pink. I like how there are two snaps to secure the pad in place, however, it is not adjustable in the width. This pad is absorbent, soft and comfortable, but the medium size is a notch longer than other regular cloth pads. The microfleece gives a stay dry feeling and I feel as though I can wear these longer in between changes compared to disposable pads. I have only needed to use a few cloth pads during the day, but it feels like my flow may not be as heavy as it used to be since having my daughter. On the other hand, maybe cloth pads do a better job at absorbing and wicking moisture away! 

The white microfleece is white, so staining will be an issue without the right care. Just stay on top of things by storing them wet or treating them with a oxyclean like stain fighter. And as with cloth diapers make sure you wash them every couple of days so stains or other issues don’t set in. The PUL is not sewn down to the soaker in the body of the pad, which I assume is to avoid wicking, but may also reduce drying time. Although a little bulky, it is unnoticeable to any onlookers and comfortable. I can’t say that bulk and comfort came in the same sentence when I used disposable pads, and their small size may work great as a regular pad for many people. The small 9″ pads are a notch thinner as well with only 2 layers of sherpa in the body of the pad.  

Overall Rating: 8.5

Overall Fit: 9 

Style: All-in-one

Size: Small (9″), Medium (11″) and Large (15″)

Closure Style: Snaps, polyresin (plastic), two, verticle (non-adjustable)

Ease of Use: 8.5

Absorption: Great 

Materials Used: 1 mil PUL, sherpa core and microfleece top

Durability: 8.5

Pocket Opening: None


Affordability: $-$$

Cost: $7 (small), $9 (medium) and $12 (large)

Care and Use:



Compare to: Fuzzi Bunz Comfort Menstral Pads

A medium Eco Feminine Pad was provided by Snap-EZ for this review.
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  1. Patricia (Mummatutu) says:

    Are the snaps bulky? Just wondering… I really like the concept of the snaps but are they bulky and do you feel them when the pad is on?


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