simplehuman Rectangular Recycler Review

It was love at first site. Ok, so I don’t remember exactly where I was or which specific products I was looking at, but it was a number of years ago in a Bed, Bath & Beyond. I saw the wall of shimmering silver trash cans and thought to myself I have to have one some day. When my husband and I got married we both had most of the essentials from living on our own separately, and what we didn’t have we either asked for on our wedding registry or decided we would take our time buying high quality products rather than of junk to get by. Although that hasn’t happened for everything we purchase, we really make an effort to make fewer good investments when there is something new we need or that needs to be replaced. 

I had the honor of reviewing the rectangular recycler (pictured above) and cannot emphasize enough how high quality and well thought out their products are. They have any shape and size trashcan to fit in any room or home and the stainless steel cans are especially bulletproof. They boast a 5-10 year warranty, depending on the product, and replacement plastic buckets may also be purchased down the road if needed. I am not a new fan of simplehuman and made a few purchases of my own this past year starting with a better dish rack and a plastic grocery bag organizer, as we keep these for cleaning the litter box. I even use a simplehuman round stepcan now to store dirty diapers and we have a mini one in the bathroom as well.  

I love this company, because when it comes to kitchen and bathroom organization they have a storage solution for just about anything saving you time, space and stress. And after all time is money isn’t it? Before receiving this trashcan for review, my magazines or recycling items would end up in a cardboard box or paper bag awkwardly placed next to the trash can, and would inevitably get other trash mixed in with it. I was always embarrassed when company was over and if my daughter had friends over, it was a nightmare to have trash in hands’ reach of all the toddlers. Now it is easy for me, my husband or even my daughter to keep the kitchen looking clean as there is a place for everything and everything is in its place…well the trash anyways. Its slim rectangular design fits perfectly against the wall or at the end of the counter, like in our home, and doesn’t look bulky or tacky. I adore this trash and recycle can. 

How else does simplehuman simplify the messier tasks in life? They offer custom fitting trash bags so you can kiss overhang goobye, but they also have a “cinched hole” in the back of each plastic bin if you want to use regular trash bags and stuff the excess in the back to keep a trim, clean fit. They even have a trashcan specifically designed to use plastic grocery bags saving you money and the environment. The have a large price range to fit every budget, and have plastic and bamboo trashcans, bath gear and accessories as well. So when you’re needing to get life a little simpler and more organized, remember to keep the messes in life: simplehuman. 

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