Kissaluvs Marvel One Size Fitted Review

The first thing that stuck out to me about this one size fitted was it’s size range up to 40 lbs. Although most one size diapers ranging to 35 lbs. will fit the average child until potty training, it won’t fit all kiddos. My daughter has already outgrown a few one size diapers  (meaning if I can’t get two snaps on each side to secure it, I don’t trust her to wear it so it goes out of rotation) and one of the reasons I invested in so many one size diapers in the first place was to avoid having to buy additional diapers as she grew. The Kissaluvs Marvel One Size fitted ranges from 10-40 lbs. so as it might not fit newborns as well, most babies will be able to wear it a month or two after birth and other chunkier monkeys will slip into it right away.

It is available in 3 designer cotton prints and we were able to review the zoo blue print, which was perfect for my little animal lover. I love to let her pick her diaper colors or patterns and she always gravitates towards the diapers with animals. The inner lining is silky soft bamboo velour and the front folds down to expose a second set of snaps to lower the rise of the diaper for younger or smaller babies. This makes this style of diaper especially user-friendly for families diapering two kids of different ages, because they can share the same stash easily without having to adjust any snaps or button-hole elastic.

Overall Rating: 8

Overall Fit: 8

Overall Performance: 8

Fitted/One Size

Size/Weight Range: 
10-40 lbs.

Closure Style:
Snaps, 3 on each size with 2 cross over snaps.

Ease of Use: 8.5

Good absorption with 3 body layers of microfiber sandwiched between the cotton outer and bamboo velour inner layers.

Materials Used:
Cotton, bamboo velour, and microfiber.

Durability: 8

Pocket Opening: 

Adjustable with fold over front.

Good adjustability with multiple snaps and cross over.

Contains messes well.

Casing/Elastic Style:

Affordability: $$$$


Care and Use:



Compare to: 

A OS Marvel fitted was provided by Kissaluvs for this review.
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