Flip Diaper System Review (by the makers of bumGenius)

So I got my hands on the new Flip system by the makers of bumGenius (compliments of Diaper Junction) as I know many of you who haven’t tried these yet are curious what they are all about. First of all, they weren’t exactly what I was expecting, and I would consider them more like a cover than other all-in-twos in the structure of the diaper. The “flaps” that are supposed to hold the inserts in place don’t actually secure the inserts, but really just keep them from sliding out of the cover as you put them on your little one. Works fine, but may be a little bit of a struggle with really squirmy kids. 

The stay dry insert was more or less what I expected, but the organic insert is basically an organic cotton prefold (T-shirt soft, but a prefold none the less). The stay dry insert is relatively trim, but the organic insert will be a little bulkier as prefolds tend to be. I like that the style of the cover is much like the bumGenius Organic All-in-One, snaps and all, but the cover feels a little flimsy. I would compare it’s durability and rigidity to a cross between their new Econobum covers and their bumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers. This is because it is using just the layer of PUL with some minimal pieces as backing for the snaps, and does not have an inner layer to add more structure to the cover. I would be curious the durability over months and years of use and may update this review at a later date if any of my findings change over time. 

You can’t beat the affordability of a one size cover combined with an all-in-two system, however, and functionally, these diapers do the job. The organic insert was very thirsty and the stay dry insert was comparable in absorption to the bumGenius 3.0 One Size Pocket diapers. You can purchase the shells separately now to use as covers, and these would be a good economical choice to use over fitteds or prefolds as well. There are many ways you can choose to use these diapers and covers, so it definitely gets my approval for versatility. If you’re a fitteds diaper family you could use just the covers from the Flip system, but have the option to use disposable inserts while travelling; or, you can use the Flip system with the stay dry or organic inserts and save money  because you will need fewer covers to inserts. 

Diaper Junction provided me with one of each type of reusable insert, and I have just personally purchased a package of their disposable inserts so stay tuned as I update this review in a few weeks! 

Overall Rating: 8.5

Overall Fit: 9

Size/Weight Range: 
7-35 lbs.

Closure Style: 
Snaps, two on each side, verticle.

Ease of use: 8.5

Three different insert choices are available including 

1. stay dry (moderate absorption, additional insert recommended for toddlers, heavy wetters, or overnight use)
2. organic (absorbent)
3. disposable

Materials used: 
PUL (outer shell), microterry and microsuede (stay dry), 100% organic cotton knit (organic insert), and non-woven bamboo viscose, filler and starch-based glue (disposable insert).

Durability: 8

Pocket Opening:

Adjustable, 3 settings.

Good adjustability and fit. 

Contains messes and adjustment can be slightly altered by angling the bottom snap to make it wider or narrower than the waist. 

Casing/Elastic Style: 
Channeled elastic.

Affordability: $$-$$$$$

$16.95-$59.95 for sets, covers and inserts may also be purchased separately. 

Care and Use:
Wash hot, line dry cover, tumble dry insert. No laundry additives or softeners.



Compare to: 

A Flip cover and 2 inserts were provided by Diaper Junction for this review.

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  1. How would you compare them to gdiapers? I used gdiapers on a trip and really liked them for traveling.

  2. Rebecca Kenwick says:

    One difference between the Flip OC inserts and an OC prefold is the type of fabric used. Most prefolds are a weave where as the Flip OC insert is a knit. It feels like a super comfy t-shirt. This is the same material I believe as the bumGenius OC AIO. The Econobum on the other hand has a prefold insert. Thanks for the great review!

  3. I just got my flip about a week and a half ago and I am loving it. I have 3 of the inserts and 2 packs of disposable inserts. I love the stay-dry inserts! This system is soooooo trim fitting. The only improvement I would make is making the flaps a little more snug to hold the insert better. The only downside with a loose insert is that any non-solid poo does dirty the cover. However, I've been using the inserts with my Thirsties covers too, so no big deal. The disposable inserts work very well also, and are super soft. Great for eliminating bulk in the diaper bag. I can get 4 disposable inserts into a sandwich baggy! I'm definitely happy with this purchase. Flip rocks!

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