Bumkins Cover & Countour Diaper Review

Bumkins, as their slogan states, makes finer baby products that you know you can rely on. They offer a variety of products, including cloth diapers, and their diaper covers have a signature mesh backing, covered by a flap, for ventilation and quick drying. They offer some of the largest variety of prints on the market that also coordinate with their bibs, wetbags and other products that use their signature waterproof fabric. They’re one size contour diapers are a cross between bulky prefolds and fitted diapers and prove to be adsorbent; however, they will be bulkier on smaller babies as it is a one size product. They set in nicely into the Bumkins covers so no stuffing, folding, pinning or even snapping. Just velcro the cover on over and you’re set to go!

Overall Rating: 8.5 (cover), 9 (contour)

Overall Fit: 8.5

Overall Performance: 8.5 (cover), 8.5 (contour)

Cover/Sized, Contour/One Size

Size/Weight Range: 
6-35 lbs. (newborn – XL)
One Size (contour diaper)

Closure Style: 
Velcro, laundry tab (shared)

Ease of Use: 8

Contour diaper is absorbent, much like a cross between the absorption of a prefold vs. an insert.

Materials Used:
Bumkins’ signature waterproof fabric and mesh for the air flap (cover), cotton or bamboo exterior and microfiber interior (contour diaper).

Durability: 8

Pocket Opening: 

Moderate to Moderate/High

Adjustable velcro ensures a good fit.

Internal (double) leg gussets contain messes and are gentle on thighs. The contour diaper also has elastic to help create a cradle to contain messes and are soft on thighs.

Casing/Elastic Style:
Double (internal) leg gussets.

About Us:

Affordability: $$-$$$

$14.95-$16.95 (cover), $9.99-$10.95 (contour)

Care and Use:



Compare to:
Kushies Diaper Wrap

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