Booroi Wipes & Wet Bags Review

Bamboo Cloth Wipes

Booroi makes the BEST wetbags for cloth wipes and prefolds. Yes, you can use the small wipes bags to toss in 1-2 soiled diapers or some inserts and their large wetbags will fit 4-6 diapers (depending on the size), but the rectangular shape is just perfect for wipes and prefolds! I use these small wetbags to store all of my wipes so it keeps them organized in the drawers until it’s time to use them and I can just grab a bag of wipes if I know I will need them a day out. Each wet wipes bag will fit 10-12 wipes 1-2 diapers. 

I store my prefolds neatly in the wet nappy bag and love how it is functional for dirty diapers, but also keeps my fresh prefolds so nicely organized. If you have open storage that little hands get into, these two sizes of wetbags would be perfect for storing and organizing your diapers in a more contained manner. I can just picture a rainbow of wet nappy bags stacked neatly on a bookshelf or in the closet. And they are priced so you can grab a bunch of them without breaking the bank!

The wipes have a different style “finishing” than most serged wipes and use fold over elastic. The intent is so that the wipes keep their shape better while you are maneuvering them, but it bothered me that they didn’t lay flat in the wipes warmer or wet bag. Functionally they worked just fine, but if you are particular about the way your wipes stack you will want to note the different finishing on the edges that make them curl in a little. 

Wet Nappy and Wet Wipes Bag

Overall Rating: 10

Fabric: PUL

Measurements/Size: 8 X 4 X 3″ (wipes bag), 10 X 8 X 4″ (wet nappy bag)

Cost: $6.95 (wet wipes bag), $11.50 (wet nappy bag)

Bamboo Wipes

Overall Rating: 7

Fabric: Bamboo terry

Measurements/Size: Approximately 8 X 8″

Thickness: Medium

Number of layers: 1

Absorption: Fair

Finishing: Fold over elastic (FOE)

$14.95/wipes & wetbag


A wet wipes bag, wet nappy bag and some wipe samples were provided by Booroi for this review. 
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  1. We have saved so much money with cloth diapers. It really is not difficult once you get used to it. I also love that we never run out of diapers!

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