Wool 101 (Guest Post by Candice of iCandi Knits)

Why Wool?
Wool is a natural choice for cloth diapering. More people are becoming aware of nature’s benefits every day and wool as a diaper cover is just another one of those examples.
So what is it that makes wool so great?
  • Wool can hold up to 30% of its own weight
  • Lanolized wool creates a waterproof barrier
  • Breathable- The crimped fibers of wool trap air enabling the skin to breathe, retain heat when needed, and release heat to keep cool.
  • Antibacterial- Since wool helps evaporate wetness back in to the air, it is not trapped inside for a breeding ground like in PUL.
  • Odor Resistant- Due to the antibacterial nature of wool and lanolin.
  • Fire Retardant
Types of Wool
There are many types of wool and each kind has it’s benefits. This will not cover every breed of sheep there is but is a good start to some of the common types used for wool covers.
  • Softest: Merino & Targhee- more likely to pill, stretch out, and felts the easiest.
  • Strong but still soft: Blue-Faced Liecester & Romney- less pilling, some stretching out.
  • Somewhat soft and strong: Peruvian Highland- less pilling and less stretching out.
Some yarns do not specify their content and are usually a mix of different types of sheep. This is not a bad thing since each breed has their own positive points. 

About the Author
Candice of iCandi Knits has been a self taught knitter since she was a teenager. She started making woolies when she started cloth diapering her first two kids (Alyssa & Tyler) when they were 2 & 8 months old. She has also been cloth diapering her youngest, who is now 1, since birth. “I started my WAHM business in May of 2009. I stay busy balancing life & knitting :) I love knitting & my husband says they are attached to my hands with my computer also.  My nickname is Candi so that’s where my store name came from”. She does meticulous and creative work so be sure to check out her shop here and my review of her longies here. 
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  1. Patricia (Mummatutu) says:

    Thanks for this post… I originally found your site in a blog search for information on wool… This post was very helpful as a 101! Thanks

  2. thank you for this informative post

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