Winner of the thinkbaby Feeing Set

Congrats to comment #261, the winner of the thinkbaby stainless steel feeding set. They have been contacted and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner will be drawn. If you didn’t luck out remember to use the 15% off coupon “SBBL051” to stock up on this feeding set or any of the other dozens of goodies they have in stock.

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  1. Carly Jane says:


    I have been following/reading your blog for a while and have SO appreciated your insights. I just have a quick(ish) question (and can't get the contact button to work for me). I am using cloth (fuzzibunz) on my 5 month old and just started feeding him rice cereal a few days ago. No matter how many times I google it and try to understand… I just don't quite get what I am supposed to do with soiled diapers on a no-longer exclusively breastfeed baby. His bowel movements are nowhere near "solid" (thus eliminating the shake-it-out method for now), and i don't have a diaper sprayer. From here on out am I supposed to rinse his soiled diaper? Swirl them in the toilet? Use a wet pail? PLEASE HELP! I need to wash my diapers later today and am really at a loss.



  2. Hey Carly
    I just saw your post on The Cloth Diaper Report blog. I have a 17 week old and we have been using the real nappies system ( because its fuss free, easy and inexpensive for everything we need from birth-to-potty. Anyway, they have these flushable liners that we use. They are cheap and thin and the idea is that when your baby goes more than pee you can take the biodegradable viscose liner and flush it and the solids down where they belong. Hope this helps!


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