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I will admit I was intimidated by wool when I first started cloth diapering. Terms like lanolizing and wool wash seemed so foreign and I wasn’t convinced that I could really get away with not washing or lanolizing them for weeks at a time. And what really kept me from diving in was the cost. I didn’t realize at the time that I could get away with fewer covers due to the properties of wool and because they wouldn’t be in the wash as frequently as my cloth diapers. I also didn’t know how great of an overnight solution they would be or that they made the world of fitted diapers easier, since longies and shorties double as clothing (so you can save some money on buying pants!). 

I am glad that I was over my wool woes before I came across iCandi Knits, and had acquired a set of longies and a cover by this time. With some lanolin and Eucalan at hand I was ready to dive in to the wonderful world of wool! My daughter is a fairly heavy wetter and fitted diapers have become a great option for us lately and this, combined with the cooler weather, has resulted in the perfect setting for wool longies. I plan on getting some shorties for the summer too as wool has the great ability to regulate temperature, so it’s not just for cold weather! 

Candice knits beautifully and even hand dyes her yarn. She has wool shorties, longies and other covers available ready made in her store and she also takes custom orders (check out her recent custom order Candy Stripe longies here. I know you are drooling and want to get a pair for the holidays too!). Ours was a custom order, from the custom dyed yarn to the custom measurements and we love them. I only wish I had gotten them an inch or two longer to account for my DD’s growth while we waited for the order to be completed. They fit her now and there’s still room to grow in the hips so she will definitely be sporting them as capris next spring/summer 😉

The only feature I would change about our longies is the closure style. My DD keeps untying the strings so I double knot it, but that makes taking them on and off more of a hassle. I am also afraid she’s going to pull the string right out and that I’ll have to go through the hassle of re-threading it. Solution? Request a different closure style, such as elastic (like this one here), if you think this will also be an issue for you. The drawstring looks adorable, but you know your little one the best so pick an appropriate waistband style accordingly! 

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Overall Rating: 9

Overall Fit: 9

Size/Weight Range:
Newborn – XXL and customs also available.

Closure Style: 

Ease of Use: 8.5

Great waterproof cover when lanolized correctly and the wool also helps absorb some moisture. 

Materials Used:
Merino Wool, Hand Dyed

Durability: 8.5

Pocket Opening: N/A

Rise: 13-22″ (depending on size)

Hips: 12-25″ (depending on size)

Length: 6-15″ (depending on size)

Casing/Elastic Style: N/A


Affordability: $$$$-$$$$$


Care and Use: 
See the WOOL CARE article by iCandi Knits


Compare to:
Butt Knits

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  1. fancygrlnancy says:

    I have never used wool, but thanks for the info. Maybe I should start. these are cute.

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