Diaper Tips Tuesday: How to Build a CD Stash (Week 3)

Week 3: 
What was your budget and how did you spread it out? If you didn’t set an initial budget how much do you think you spent per child on your stash?

I did not have a budget. When I started cloth diapering I knew I would save money and researched everything I could to see approximately what a recommended cloth diaper stash would cost. I first aimed to get around a dozen cloth diapers, supplementing with the disposables I still had stocked in my closet, then as the time passed I realized I wanted more so that laundry was less stressful. I made multiple orders in the beginning ordering anywhere from $50 to $150 worth of cloth diapers and accessories as I added to my stash and explored different websites and stores. 

I would love to sit down and add up all the invoices and receipts to see exactly what I have spent, and I did at one point during my first year of cloth diapering, but I will admit I am a little scared to see the numbers! And it will be a complicated task as I have bought more since then, sold a handful of used diapers to a friend and purchased a few diapers from another friend. So although I do not have receipts to calculate the exact amount spent, I do know that I have spent around $1200, possibly a notch more. The numbers may seem daunting, but I am still saving at least $1000 compared to the brand name disposables I was purchasing, even with laundry costs considered. And I will be reusing these diapers on at least a couple more kiddos and I feel I am helping the environment my little one will grow up in. 

If I knew everything I knew now about cloth diapers, different brands and all of the resources I have discovered, I probably would have spent less. That is why I started this blog after all! You can buy used, save by buying one or two brands in bulk or sew your own to get a $1000-$1500 stash for a fraction of the cost. Remember to factor in, however, multiple kids in diapers. Whether you have two or more kids in diapers at one time or will use your stash for more than one child you will need to keep this in mind when buying used or creating a budget. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little extra on products that will last and other times, like if you just need a couple extra diapers to tie the stash over until your last child potty trains, used or sewing your own may be the way to go.

Everyone cloth diapers for different reasons and has a different budget to work with. Some people will buy their whole (or majority of) diaper stash at once and others will add a couple of diapers to their stash each pay check until they reach their desired stash size. If you plan ahead you can register for cloth diapers for your baby registry, sew your own, or shop around for some great quality/brand used diapers. 

What was your budget and/or how much have you spent? If you are expecting or switching to cloth, how much are you planning to spend on your stash? Share your budget plans and stories with us and let us know if you are happy with what you have spent or would have done anything differently. Blog about it and link it up to the November MckLinky or leave a comment below!

November 2009
How to Build a Cloth Diaper Stash
Week 1: How did you decide on what styles and brands of diapers to purchase?
Week 2: How many cloth diapers are in an ideal stash per child? What is your reality?
Week 3: What was your budget and how did you spread it out? If you didn’t set an initial budget how much do you think you spent per child on your stash?
Week 4: Where and how do you get what you want on a budget (i.e. buying used, making your own, swapping, etc.).
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  1. I never thought about making a cd budget that is such a good thing to do when planning!

  2. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    my hubby gave me a budget because I am an impulse shopper…it was $350. Seems like so little, but I managed to spend less buying prefolds and covers plus a few fancy bamboo fitteds. one thing I did do was host a cd party through a local retailer. me and my guests got to look and a feel each product before making a purchase, and I got 15% off my order for hosting!!!

  3. When I first started cding my older two at 2yo & 8m I started out with just 1dz prefolds each and 2 covers each. I had to wash every day but it was an inexpensive starting point. I had no other choice since my husband was not on board & was blown away at the cost of cloth diapers. I have since of course with a 3rd child added purchased more diapers since. I too would not want to know what I have spent though I know it would be less than $800

  4. fancygrlnancy says:

    This is a great idea. I really had no idea how to start getting my CD's. Most my mom made and the rest I have won in giveaways. I have a budget of $0 availiable to me.

  5. I spend about $220 on my stash. I won 1 of them through a giveaway, and bought 2 separate to try them out before I bought a bunch. Decided against both of those and opted for something that combined the best of the other 2 diapers. I have 15 diapers

  6. simplymerry says:

    the main reason i got into cloth diapering was cost, and i knew a lot *could* be spent…. so I gave myself the goal of $6-8 per diaper, $12 tops (including shipping). I broke that rule for a GroBaby, but otherwise I have stayed within those boundaries and gotten deals and specials and giveaways and used… so far my stash is 17 pockets (some still in the mail) for about $130, which is a bit over $7 each. :)

    I could have spent even less (e.g. prefolds/covers), but I was aiming for one-size snaps that were user-friendly for the relatives who help alot with baby care.

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