bumGenius Econobum Review & Sale

If you haven’t heard about bumGenius’ new diaper the Econobum, you need to. This is a very affordable one size prefold system that will allow families on a tight budget or looking for a no-frills option of cloth diapering to go from birth to potty training for around $100. Unheard of considering even the most affordable prefold systems cost closer to $200 over the diapering years, since larger prefolds and covers needed to be purchased as your baby grew. A one size cover allows one set of covers to work on most children from birth to potty training and the prefold may be folded in different ways to change the length. 

The downside? As a no frills system the covers are the bare basics, using as little PUL as possible to back the snaps for the rise. In addition, the prefold will be very bulky on younger infants, and the covers only have one row of snaps that do not cross over. This means that it may not be the perfect fit for some body types, however, it is what it is. An affordable prefold system that allows families to be able to get the size stash they want, purchase some extra diapers as a buffer for laundry day or for families who are looking to spend the least amount of money on diapers so they can spend their money on other things. 

I will admit I was skeptical about the quality of this diaper, because of it’s affordability, but wanted to give it a try because of bumGenius’ reputation and my experience with their products. I knew they would never sell something that was terrible, but the reality is this system may not be everyone’s dream diapering system either. The prefold was SUPER soft and absorbent. The cover was not highly adjustable, but the thickness of the prefold aids in keeping most leaks from seeping if you cannot get a picture perfect fit. My theory is that they can keep the costs as low as they do because the covers are only available in white, so they can buy one color of PUL with a higher volume discount and they use less PUL in the backing.

For $9.95 for a cover/prefold set and $49.95 for a dozen prefolds and 3 covers, no other prefold system can match it’s affordability. The prefolds are of equal quality to most DSQ prefolds I have tried, and you can always supplement with a favorite cover or two if you want some luxury to go along with your stack of prefolds. 

Overall Rating: 8

Overall Fit: 7

One Size/Prefold/Cover

Size/Weight Range: 

Closure Style: 
Snaps, 2 on each size, horizontal

Ease of Use: 7.5

Prefold is soft and very absorbent.

Materials Used:
100% Unbleached Cotton
100% Laminated Polyester (PUL)

Durability: 9.5 (prefold), 7 (cover)

Pocket Opening: None

3X3 adjustable snap system for 3 rise heights.

Adjustable and contains messes, but no cross over. 

Adequate Fit.

Casing/Elastic Style: 
Channeled elastic within the PUL binding. 

Affordability: $

$9.95 per prefold/cover set.
$49.95 for a dozen prefolds and 3 covers.

Care and Use:

Wash hot, line dry cover, tumble dry prefold. No laundry additives or softeners.
Prior to first use, prefolds must be washed 3-5 times in hot water with a small amount of detergent to ensure maximum absorbency



Compare to: 
Kissaluvs One Size cover and a prefold

An Econobum prefold and cover was provided by Diaper Junction for this review. 

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  1. Samantha @ Mama Notes says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you do such an AWESOME job with you reviews! Keep it up friend!

  2. I really enjoyed you review. I ordered one of the econobum and a flip to try the other day (with the super sale hooray) and am excited to see how they hold up.

  3. I wish this had been out when we started with our prefolds and covers, especially the one size cover! I am glad you mentioned the size of the prefold because I had been wondering. Thank you!

  4. fancygrlnancy says:

    I haven't really used prefolds yet, but these look nice for future baby. thanks

  5. These have such a great price! I look forward to buying them for baby showers. They would be great for anyone to have on hand!

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