Baby K’tan Carrier Review & Coupon (by Danielle)

When Zealand was born I didn’t know alot about baby carriers or even carrying benefits. I carried because we didn’t buy an infant carseat and there was no other way to shop with him. I registered for a sling and a bjorn. I felt like I lost him in the sling, he just sank right to the bottom in a suffocating looking way. I returned it. Carrier FAIL. The bjorn seemed like the ideal carrier for us, both Christian and I got to use it!

Christian wore Zealand at a car show, he must have been maybe 7 or 8 pounds at the time. By the time we were heading back to the car, Christian couldn’t feel his fingers, the carrier had somehow pinched his nerves. At 8 pounds he was already too heavy for me to carry that long in the bjorn too! Plus every time Christian wore it, it needed to be re-adjusted to fit me and you sorta need a second person to help with that….and he worked, so when we went out, Zealand never really fit well on my body.

Before Kingsley was even born, I started doing some crazy research on baby carriers. I ordered a few to practice on Zealand for Kingsley’s big arrival. I ordered a moby and I remember taking it to Target to try out. I was in the middle of the parking lot, Zealand was screaming to get out of his seat, this 6 foot fabric all over the pavement and then I looked like a mummy. No seriously, this small body wrapped up in a not comfortable looking way. We went grocery shopping next and I had to travel to the store with the moby still on because A. I couldn’t remember how to get it off and B. I sure as hell wasn’t going to go through that whole wrapping process again! Baby carrier FAIL for us.

I was shopping the sale racks in the baby department at Target and I saw the k’tan, marked down to $9.99, in baby pink. I had to have it and I didn’t even know anything about it. I watched the video and thought “I can do this”. It took a few times, but I got the hang of it quickly, I was making it harder than it was because it turns out to be super simple!
When Kingsley was born, I didn’t go anywhere without my k’tan. I can’t even begin to explain or count the number of compliments I got! I have no idea how many people might have touched her if she was in another carrier, this one kept her so contained and hidden. I had people even ask “What is in there?” I nursed her with such ease, no adjusting straps or switching her around. My body showed too…I didn’t look like I was all wrapped up, it was subtle. Christian wore her in it too! (Only around the house because after all it IS pink).

I didn’t start using the support piece till she was about 13 pounds and forward facing in the carrier but she always liked to face me and sleep. It honestly was the only times she didn’t cry! We had a rough 6 months (maybe even 9). She was fussy and pure hateful, unless we (me) was holding her. I learned to do so much with the K’tan, I really got my groove back because of it. I was able to get out, look cute and be happy. I was able to cook, clean and be happy.

My back NEVER hurt and there was never any adjusting or wrapping, just a slip over my head and Voila’! The picture above is me carrying Zealand at 16 months in the k’tan. (He’s man enough to be in pink;)) I have even since purchased one for my best friend for her baby shower.

A mom’s experience is worth a thousand more words than advertising and I hope you take my word for it!

Overall Rating: 10 

Overall Fit: 10

Sling/Structured carrier
Also resembles a non-wrap version of a wrap.

Weight Range: 
Birth to 42 lbs

Fabrics Used: 
100% natural cotton

  • Shoulder: can be folded or scrunched for comfort, can wrap around shoulders for added support
  • Back:there is a back adjuster to pull down to center the weight of baby on your torso. Because there isn’t any hip support, this carrier can strain your back after awhile.
  • Hips and/or Waist: this carrier does not sit on either hip or waist but there is an added support piece that works to stabilize baby when they are heavy.
  • On Baby:I have never seen a more comfortable baby, this carrier completely covers entirely when worn in cradle or either forward or chest facing positions.
  • Also see for fit and sizing.

How to Wear Your Sling:

Ease of use: 9

Durability: 10


Affordability: $$$$$

$34.99 and up on Baby K’tan’s site

Care and Use:




Compare to: 
Moby or Sleepy Wrap

About the Author:
Danielle is a mother of two who is also the author of No Snakes in New Zealand, a review and giveaway blog where she also writes about life and motherhood. She is a breastfeeding, babywearing, attachment parenting, cloth diapering, trying to be green, McDonald’s luvin mom to 2 under 2, and her opinions are ones that I trust to pass on to you!

Danielle (aka Zealand’s Mom) has a 10% coupon code for you over at her blog so you can get her favorite carrier for yourself (or as a gift, if you are crazy enough to give it away!). Click here to get the coupon code valid through December 15, 2009.

This is a guest post by Danielle at No Snakes in New Zealand and the opinions are her own. I have added some minimal editing and formatting, but it still falls under my copyright so please give her or my blog credit if you reference this article. 
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  1. fancygrlnancy says:

    This look so cute. I would love to get one of these. I have entered to win. Thanks!

  2. I love these!

  3. babybabbler says:

    Adorable! I love how EASY this is to use, no wrapping, clipping, adjusting of straps. Not only is the Baby K'tan great for your baby, but according to a portion of the proceeds are donated to help those with special needs!

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