Safe Sippy 2 & Safe Sporter Review

So as some of you may recall I reviewed the original Safe Sippy for the Babymoon Boutique and loved it. But guess what? They came out with a new and improved version that is even better. I still adore the original version and we use it regularly, but the updates are fantastic. And guess what? The body of the cup did not change so you can use the new parts on the original version too (so you don’t have to worry about keeping the two versions straight if you have both).

Haven’t tried the Safe Sippy? I highly recommend it, not only because it is made of food grade stainless steel which keeps harmful plastics away from your little one, but it is bulletproof! This is a cup that will last for years and multiple kids unlike many of their plastic counterparts. And the BPA-free pastic parts and accessories are sold separately and may be replaced as needed. These cups cost a bit more than the usual sippy, but if you calculate how many plastic sippy cups you go through per child you have it is a sound investment. They won’t let you down.

I also discovered something I didn’t realize before while doing this review. I already knew that the placement of the spout was unique and is not placed on the very edge like most sippy spouts but angled and placed towards the center. Although there are a few advantages to this for your little one’s mouth, I discovered that it discourages the spout from hitting the floor when it’s dropped as well. My “ah-ha” moment was when we were at a restaurant and I watched  it hit the floor cringing at the germs I knew would get all over it. To my surprise, only the body of the cup it ground. We gave it a quick wipe down, and I was excited knowing the spout didn’t touch the ground!

Dust Cap:
This is one thing that I wish the original version had, so I am thrilled buy zovirax pills they made the update. Not only is it perfect for when you throw it in your bag or when it’s not in use, toddlers love to practice putting it on and taking it off (and it’s not a choking hazard like the other little caps they find around the house).

Straw Adapter:
Works well, but my DD didn’t “get it” right away since she was used to tilting her head back with the regular stopper. We used to stick straws in through the spout in the original version and this is much more practical and works a lot better!

Travel Stopper: 
Even with the dust cap on baby can put the cup upside down and shake liquid into the cap OR take the cap off and sprinkle juice, milk or water all over the place. This is where the travel stopper is a life saver. Switch it our with the original or straw valve and it’s leak proof!

I also had the opportunity to review the Safe Sporter, which comes in two sizes. The 12 oz. if perfect for lunch boxes and bags, and the 16 oz. is great to take to work or on a day out. I have been using the 16 oz. version and every time I use it my 17 month-old snatches it out of my hands and wants a drink out of it. So even little ones can use the sporter spout. This is a great alternative for the environment compared to plastic bottles and better for your pocketbook since you can use fresh or filtered water from home. The only side note I would mention is that it takes a really hard push to get the cap closed and the spout didn’t lock in the up position, but I could still drink out of it just fine (Note: This is version 1 and the new version in the works will improve these and other features).

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A Safe Sippy 2 and Safe Sporter were provided by Kid Basix for this review.
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  1. Great review I was looking into this product for my daughter. Thanks.

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  3. hosiewosie says:

    oooh very cool

  4. Looks like a pretty fancy deal here. Would be a nice bottle.

  5. We love our Safe Sippys! I am picky about what kind of milk my son drinks and we travel with our own- especially to the in-laws. The Safe Sporter would be awesome for travelling!

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