Music & Your Baby (Guest Post by Maria of Baby Chic)

Today’s Thursday Thought comes from Maria over at Baby Chic. Baby Chic is dedicated to helping women and babies stay fun and chic, but she is also a lover of music. And in honor of my profession (well my other profession, in addition to mother and blogger) she wrote a beautiful article on music. Stay tuned this month as I will be writing an article for Baby Chic on lullaby’s which I know you will all love!

Music Therapy and Babies

“Music is a therapy.  It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.” –Yehudi Menuhin

Music is part of our everyday lives.  I personally believe that there are healing powers in music, and because I know that Emi is a musician and a therapist, I wanted to share my thoughts about the affects of music on babies.  Mothers with babies can all probably testify to the fact that music does affect their babies.  Even before a baby is born the frequencies from music penetrates the mother’s belly and is felt by the baby. 

I was with a pregnant friend at a wedding reception recently, and as we were dancing to the tunes of 80’s hip hop, her baby started kicking fiercely.  My friend had to stop dancing and go out into the lobby just to get the baby to stop kicking.  Either the baby was trying to get its groove on or it didn’t like the music.  Either way, my friend was in pain!

There are many theories about the effects of music on an unborn child.  Some say that newborns can recognize music their parents played for them when they were in the womb.  Others say that fetuses breathe in time to music they enjoy.  It’s hard to say what’s true and what’s not.  I think every baby is different and reacts differently to music.  Who’s to say that it’s not possible for a newborn to recognize certain music?

In India’s Fortis La Femme hospital, therapists are using music to pacify babies and stimulate their growth.  They use soft and soothing music because they believe that listening to harsh music like heavy metal or hard rock during pregnancy can affect the baby adversely.  Even I can tell you that I’m much more calm when I listen to soothing music.  I have nothing against heavy metal, but listening to it for long periods of time does tend to drive me a little nuts 😉

A study done at the University of Western Sydney found that music therapy helped sick babies and made them less irritable and less likely to cry.  Find out more about the study by reading Music Therapy Helps Sick Babies.

Do you have a story to share about how music has affected your baby? 

About the Author:
Maria Palma blogs at Baby Chic, a blog dedicated to helping women and babies stay fun and chic.  You can also follow Maria on Twitter @babychicblog.

Source:  Music and Your Unborn Child

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  1. My son LOVES music. He is so much happier if we have music playing during the day.

    He also loves my piano. i am a pianist and we often just sit and 'play' at the piano.

  2. My daughter LOVED loud, intense drumming as a fetus. We went to a Cirque du Soleil show that had a huge drumming portion, and she went absolutely nuts. She LOVED it! Now, she loves all music. My son didn't like loud drumming or anything like that as a fetus. Now, at 5 months old, his favorite thing is when I do a beat box for him (and no, I'm not good at the beat box, but he doesn't care).

  3. Three Graves says:

    Music has been one of the most important things in my life, and I try every day to introduce good music to my little 6m daughter. I sing her to sleep every nap and night time, and she always calms right down when she hears it.

  4. My daughter listen to classical throughout the time she was in the womb and absolutely loves it, she dances to ballet music at home. She is very far ahead of her peers in vocabulary! I don't think it's a coincidence, I really think music does so much for development – the right type of music of course.

  5. My 7 month old daughter seems to really enjoy music. We listen to Toddler Tunes on Pandora radio whenever I'm on the computer. DD also loves the worhsip music at our church. She kicks her legs and wiggles her arms around to it. I hope she'll grow up to be a real music lover. I think it does wonders for the soul.

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