Music Monday: Guest post by Emmy-Award Winner Elissa Schreiner

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The baby has just been fed… and you’d like to relax, but your newborn is cranky and you’re tired too, so you cuddle the baby in your arms and sing a tune, perhaps the same lullaby your mom or dad sang to you. Without realizing it, you’ve just given your child a profound gift… one that offers a plethora of positive effects as she/he grows.  The gift of course is music, which has been shown to play a positive role in a child’s development, enriching both motor and language skills; stimulating them mentally and helping them gain better coordination.

What next?
Since this was your child’s first experience with melody, it would be a good idea to keep that voice of yours going and gradually add sing a-long songs to your “ repertoire”. Make certain they are short, easy to animate later on, and fun for the both of you.

Before entering the toddler years clapping hands, or “dancing” – to the rhythm of the song becomes automatic. This is the time to add different genres such as Latin, Jazz, and Country. When they can walk I introduce a march and a “let’s pretend piece”.  They will have a wonderful time marching around the room with their friends. For additional exposure and coordination create an “instrument” such as a small drum. Use an empty oatmeal container with covers in place, and a wooden spoon, then “ let’em play”. Later a real rhythm instrument such as bells, triangle, etc. can be added. This is really fun to do…. as you will find out!

Children love repetition; they learn to listen, quickly grasping rhythm, and melody and before long… harmony. So for now, enjoy singing to your special baby, as she grows, so will her musical interest grow. You’ll be amazed!

Who is the real Grandma Rocks? She is a mother, Songwriter, educator, Emmy award recipient, jazz pianist, composer of musical scores, three piano books published by Carl Fisher, plus an interview on A & E Biography. She wanted to write an album for kids, to make a difference in the children’s CD market. She wanted up-beat music, lyrics that were meaningful and different genres. It had to appeal to kids, their caretakers, parents, and grandparents on different levels. From The Tooth Fairy to the cookie Tree, from Swing to Latin and beyond came Grandma Rocks, a kids pop album

Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner
A.K.A. Grandma Rocks

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Love her music? Stayed tuned for a review and giveaway of the Grandma Rocks CD coming soon…
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