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I love this CD! It includes different genres on almost every track, different voices and instrumentation, is put together well both musically and lyrically, and the lyrics are just plain fun! You’ll want to listen to some of the music clips here (click on Get the CD for track samples), and you’ll love how the songs are playful and fun, yet use different genres and tempos to keep it engaging. I wish I could tell you my favorite, but all the songs are just so different! They have upbeat songs like the “Cheese Song” and “Small Talk”, softer songs like “Moonbeam” and the “Tooth Fairy” and get a touch of the jazz and blues with “Cookie Tree” and “Grandma and Me”. 

I would like to mention how sweet the “Grandma and Me” song is, as it highlights the special relationship a grandparent and grandchild share. AND (if I’m not mistaken) it is sung by Elissa (Grandma) and her granddaughter Amanda. Doesn’t that make it even sweeter? I highly recommend this CD, because it’s fun and appropriate for children, yet musically engaging and interesting and it is something you (parents and guardians) won’t get sick of hearing play over and over. 

Grandma’s Shoppe:
Stocked with music, gifts, treats and personalized gifts, Grandma’s Shoppe has a little something for everyone!

Grandma’s Bio (pretty impressive, I must say!):
You might have seen her on A&E Biography, or read a 
magazine article about the Emmy Award she received, or 
perhaps you heard the recent TV interview or web broadcast where she discussed her latest endeavor, an original CD called Grandma Rocks? 

Well, if you don’t know her I believe its time that you two met. May I introduce you to “Grandma”…that’s what everyone calls her, some even call her Grandma Rocks!

EMMY AWARD winning composer Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner has been a dynamic force in music education, composing, teaching, performing, supervising recording sessions and surrounding herself with children and their music for over 40 years. She has served and continues to serve as a judge for the National Academy of Television Arts And Sciences Children’s Programming Emmy Pre-Screenings since 1997

An album of thirteen original pieces dedicated to children, their parents and grand parents 
Published independently by Grandma rocks Publishing 

Channel 12 Daytime Edition
Web broadcast Toni Aiello Lohud and CBS

Original choral and solo composition in a collection entitled, 
When I Reflect
Music Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner/ Lyrics Sunnie Miller
Released by Carl Fischer Publications 2003

A collection of twelve original piano pieces
Using the theme of an amusement park to motivate children pianists 
Published By Carl Fischer 2002

Original score for musical play
Published by Dramatic Publishing 2002

Arts and Entertainment Channel: INTERVIEW
Aired 2000
(To read the complete Bio, click here.)

A copy of Grandma Rocks was provided to complete this review.
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