Diaper Tips Tuesday: Solutions to Snags in PUL & Next Month’s Topics


This week’s tip is not a tip per say, but an effort to problem solve by putting all of our heads together. I had a question this week from a fellow cloth diapering mama about runs and snags in PUL. She has had multiple diapers (all of different brands) get runs in the PUL. She uses Purex Free & Clear as her detergent and hangs dry her diapers the majority of the time. She does not use bleach and nothing screams out as the cause for this. Does anyone know any solutions for this or had similar experiences? Is there a product out there to fix this? (I only have one snag of a single thread on one of my diapers and it almost definitely cause by my cat’s nail).

Next, thank you for all of the input last week. I definitely am taking the comments and requests in mind for the coming months. I am going to start having a monthly theme for our Diaper Tip Tuesdays and weekly sub themes. Hopefully this will give you the chance to plan ahead a little and non-bloggers will also be able to leave their comments in addition to the MckLinky on the weekly topics. Bloggers may choose to write short articles/tips and link up weekly, or write one article for the month on the topic and link up each week for the most traffic your way. We’ll see how November goes and adjust what we need to from there!

November 2009
How to Build a Cloth Diaper Stash
Week 1: How did you decide on what styles and brands of diapers to purchase?
Week 2: How many cloth diapers are in an ideal stash per child? What is your reality?
Week 3: What was your budget and how did you spread it out? If you didn’t set an initial budget how much do you think you spent per child on your stash?
Week 4: Where and how do you get what you want on a budget (i.e. buying used, making your own, swapping, etc.).
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  1. I only have one diaper with a run in the PUL & I'm pretty sure it was caused by getting snagged with the velcro from another diaper. Since most PUL is polyester, my Mom recommends a drop of crazy glue on each end of the snag to keep it from running anymore.

  2. That was going to be my thought, that maybe the snags were caused by the velcro?

  3. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    I also have a snag caused by velcro from another diaper when it separated from the laundry tab in the wash and stuck to the PUL cover. I would love to read the tips on fixing this problem.

  4. i love your blog and all the tips…your a life savor!
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  5. stuff for school says:

    Most of the snags I've gotten were around the snaps, and from my guess are from general wear and unsnapping the diapers super quick. Or from keeping the diapers snapped to tight.

    I suppose you could treat the run as you would with hose, a dab of clear nail polish could possibly do the trick.

    Interesting topic, I've never really thought about it before!

  6. What about PEELING???

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