Cloth Wipes

Cloth Wipes are economical and actually more convenient to use with cloth diapers, because you do not have to separate the disposable wipes from the cloth diapers. Wash them all in the same load and save hundreds of dollars compared to the use of disposable wipes. You can also control the solution whether you use plain water or follow a recipe with oils and soaps.


Cloth Wipes 101
Make your own wipes
Make your own solution (coming soon…)
Storing Your Wipes
The Wonders of Wipes (by Tracy of Baby Blessings NP)

Babykicks Washies/Wipes
Bamboo Bums Bum Cloths
Booroi Wipes and Wetbags
Bummas Wipes
Bumgenius Flannel and Bamboo Terry Wipes
Fundawears Wipes
Happy Heinys Organic Hemp Wipes
Kissaluvs Premium Organic and Terry Wipes
Otter Babies Rainbow Wipes
Snap-EZ Eco Wipes
Stitches in Cotton Flannel Wipes
Tiny Tush Fleece and Terry Wipes

Baby Bum Drops
Happy Heinys Organic Wipes Spray (coming soon…)
The Homestead Company Baby Wipe Companion
Monkey Doodlez Wipe Cubes (coming soon…)
Texas Ranger Rump Solution

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Wipes Solutions and Recipes:
Diaper Jungle Cloth Wipes Solution Recipes
Northern Baby Cloth Wipes Solution Recipe
Prince Lionheart Wipes Solution Recipes
Tiny Tush Cloth Wipes Solution Recipe

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. This is so true! I recently, in the past month or two, switched over to bamboo cloth wipes and Baby Bits for solution. I love it and so does my baby!

  2. ♥ Teresa ♥ says:

    Thankfully, I am past this stage but this sounds very interesting. My sister used cloth diapers when my nephews were little but that was many years ago. Her youngest is now almost 13. Wow, I can't believe I just typed that! :0)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I really appreciate you doing that and sharing a little about yourself. I hope you will come by again soon. You are always welcome. I am going to start 'following' you.

    I will say a prayer for you and I hope your healing process is over soon.


    Teresa <><

  3. I used cloth wipes for the first few months with my cloth diapers.. then one day I got a package of Pampers Swipers in the mail, a sample. I used them and they worked so much better that I switched to them. It is a pain, having to take the dirty wipes to the trash and the diapers to the pail, but they just work so darned well:)

  4. Life More Simply says:

    I really want to switch to cloth wipes. It's such a pain to put disposable wipes in the trash and diapers in a pail! Not to mention the separating when I get things back from the babysitter every day…yikes!

  5. Patricia (Mummatutu) says:

    thanks for the article on making your own wipes I would love to try the Otter Babies bamboo wipes

  6. Lots of great info…thanks.

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