Swaddlebees Econappi Diaper

The diaper that converted me to cloth diapering, this is a one size diaper that uses organic velour lining and one-size hemp inserts. It is considered an all-in-two, because the insert can be stuffed in the pocket or set on top. This is because the insert has a velour top layer so that it is soft against baby’s bottom and wicks the moisture away.

Swaddlebees are a pricier choice because of the organic materials, but have excellent absorption, fit and style. They are $26.95 a diaper, however, if you can purchase extra inserts and stretch your stash by using them as an all-in-two. Then the pocket diapers can be used until the cover is soiled. By doing this you could stay in a similar budget as buying $18-19 one-size diapers.

They are avaiable in snap or velcro closures. I only own the snap closures and they still look in great shape. Blueberry diapers are owned by the same company and look almost identical except they do not use the organic liners and therefore are slightly cheaper.

They are a little bulkier when they are on the smallest setting because the one-size insert folds into thirds, but you can’t beat the absorption. I love to use these diapers overnight, for naps and longer stretches of time.

Overall Rating: 9
Overall Fit: 9
Durability: 10

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  1. Life Happens During Naptime says:

    Thanks for this info. I recently found love for all-in-twos, and would love to try this one! When I can afford it, that it =P

  2. I have one in velcro & it is not my favorite diaper…I LOVE the insert, but wish I had gotten the diaper in snap. I do have two inserts for it, so I think I may try using them with my Blueberry OS Minky cover as an all in two.

  3. we plan on cloth diapering our baby (baby number 1) who is OVERDUE! :)

    thanks for the info, I got three blueberry diapers for my start up stash, but looked these over (probably because of the price tag) but this looks like a great addition!


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