Swaddlebees Covers

Fleece Cover
This was my favorite cover to use while it fit my baby, but they are made to go over the trim Swaddlebees fitted diapers. So I was not able to use them as long on other bulkier fitted diapers. But they are, after all, made to compliment their own products the best. I love that the fleece was soft and breathable, but it didn’t sacrifice leak protection! My only wish would be that it would come in a snap closure and was a little bit wider so that I could have used it longer.

Overall Rating: 9.5
Overall Fit: 9
Durability: 9
Size Chart:
 Weight Estimate*
8-16 lb.
12-25 lb.
22-40 lb.

ABC Wrap
One of my favorite PUL covers, the cover is flexible instead of being stiff. I think I have mentioned this before, but you do get what you pay for most of the time. The more you spend the higher quality PUL and other materials can be used. Velcro was the only option available when I purchased my covers, however, I have seen that they have come out with a snap closure. I will definitely try the snap version for my next child.

Overall Rating: 9.5
Overall Fit: 9
Durability: 9 (velcro), 10 (snaps)
Size Chart:
     SMALL      MEDIUM       LARGE   
 Waist 10″ – 20″ 12″ – 22″ 15″ – 27″
 Thighs 4″ – 10″ 5″ – 12″ 7″ – 14″
 Rise 15″ 17″ 19′
 Weight 7-15 lb 15-30 lb 30-40 lb

Wool Cover
This is another item I have purchased as a sample to use for cloth diaper classes, because it’s something I had wanted to purchase and never did. One of my friends raves about her wool covers for their breathability and convenience. The only reason I didn’t purchase wool covers originally was the price. They are expensive, however, they have everything I loved about the fleece covers, except they are more convenient when it comes to washing. I didn’t realize how seldom I would have had to wash them and these will last a LONG time compared to synthetic or laminated fabrics like PUL.

When properly taken care of and periodically lanolized, urine turns into a soap-like form. Keep in mind urine is sterile and these covers (as well as any other material) just need to be rotated between changings and aired out. Only wash them when they get soiled from a BM.

Wool is also used for soakers and pants that can be slipped over fitted diapers and doubled as a piece of clothing. Another great way to cut down on bulk! I am excited to use my size small on my next child and maybe if luck comes my way I’ll be able to fund the purchase of a larger size to try on my daughter. Also available in velcro closure.

Overall Rating: TBD
Overall Fit: TBD
Durability: 10
Size Chart: 
     SMALL      MEDIUM       LARGE   
 Waist 10″ – 20″ 11″ – 22″ 12″ – 24″
 Thighs 4″ – 11″ 5″ – 12″ 6″ – 15″
 Rise 15.5″ 17″ 19′
 Weight 8-16 lb 12-25 lb 22-40 lb

The products reviewed in this article were purchased by the author of this blog.
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