Diaper Tip Tuesday: Diaper Spraying


Diaper sprayers can make messy clean ups easier and also double as a bidet or a training potty cleaner. The irony can be that although they clean up a mess they do have a learning curve until you find the preferred method for your family. Remember breastfed stools do not need to be removed as they are water soluble, but transitional stools (when they start solids) and the occasional loose stool your baby/toddler gets will scream for a diaper sprayer.

The water pressure for diaper sprayers may be adjusted to accommodate the intensity needed to get the solids off. They do not have to be sprayed perfectly clean, but you will want to make sure any solid pieces or thick messes are off. The rest should be taken care of in the cold rinse cycle.

Method 1: Spray solids off of diaper or prefold then wring out the water in the toilet. Pros: No trail of dripping water from the toilet to the diaper pail. Cons: May get hands a little messy, which is why many families want to use the diaper sprayer in the first place.

Method 2 (for pocket diapers): Remove insert and put in pail before taking the cover/shell to the toilet to spray. Pros: With nothing to absorb the water, there is less drippy mess. Cons: The diaper will have less “form” or stiffness to it and the floppiness may make it harder to spray solids off.

Oh and I found a new use for the diaper sprayer this week: cleaning the bath! I always turn the shower on after giving the shower a scrub down and there are always those spots the shower head doesn’t reach. Diaper sprayer to the rescue! The Diaper Sprayer brand sprayer (see review here) has a long tube and as long as you have a standard bathroom set up with the toilet right next to the tub this should work for you too.

Do you have a diaper sprayer tip to share? Blog your tip and come back and leave the link in the comments here. Don’t have a blog? Just leave your tip in the comments section! I’ll try and get a McLinky going on this in the next couple of weeks and look forward to reading your tips! 
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  1. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jackie at 3littleones says:

    I also love my diaper sprayer for rinsing the bath tub! My only tip for diaper sprayers would be to buy one pre-made – check out my post on our headaches of making our own….

  3. We made our out of stuff from Home Depot and love it! And I too have used it to rinse out the bath tub. My boy pooed in there and that's the first thing I grabbed! Here's my blog about it:

  4. The Redhead Riter says:

    So I was thinking how cool all your tips are and then I get to this one and I am thankful that this stage ends…LOL

  5. Cupkateer says:

    Thanks for the tips. I've never thought of removing the insert before I spray.

  6. good tip on using it for the bathtub

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