Bumgenius One Size Pocket Diaper

These OS diapers have a good fit, leak protection and absorbency, however, are only available in velcro closures (bG Organic AIO available in snaps). The velcro tabs are smaller and more finished than other tabs and can be overlapped or crossed over each other for a smaller fit. Surrounding these velcro tabs are a stretchy 2 inch section for a snugger, more disposal-like fit. They come in 9 different colors and even have coordinating Babylegs leggings out on the market.

All in all a good diaper and the velcro tabs are fast and convenient when you have a wiggly baby, but older babies can easily undo velcro tabs. So make sure they have clothing over their diapers when they are older if you use these, although my daughter can still undo these UNDER her clothes with the small tabs. Just a trade off for the convenience of velcro tabs.

The one size inserts have snaps so that you can adjust the length which is a good idea, but makes one end bulkier. This would be perfect for a baby boy because you can position it in the front, and I put it in the back for my little buy online zovirax cream girl, which was fine, but you could see the outline where it is a little bulkier. I never tried the newborn insert/doubler since my daughter was too old to use it when we started cloth, however, it doesn’t look like it would hold very much. I have used it as a doubler and it’d be just as easy to stuff these diapers with newborn inserts if I needed additional absorbency with my next child.

Overall Rating: 8.5

Overall Fit: 9

Style: One Size/Pocket

Size/Weight Range:
7-35 lbs.

Closure Style: Velcro

Ease of Use: 9

Comes with a one size insert that can be snapped shorter and a newborn insert that may serve as a doubler. The OS insert is 3 layers of microterry and the newborn insert is made of two layers.

Materials Used:
PUL and suedecloth.

Durability: 8

Pocket Opening:
In the back. Medium sized opening, easy to stuff, with a “flap” to cover the pocket opening.

Rise: Moderate/Low.

Highly adjustable with velcro and elastic in the back.

Adjustable with the waist adjustment, but not separately. Fits snugly around legs.

Casing/Elastic Style:
Channeled elastic leg gussets for a snug fit.

About us:

Affordability: $$$

Cost: $17.95

Care and Use:




Compare to:
Haute Pockets

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. These are what we use most. I used the newborn inserts for the first few months and they worked great. I use the one size insert plus the newborn plus another insert for my guy over night and we stay dry most nights.

  2. Oh, and the velcro is not that great after a few months. But i do love the diaper!

  3. Amber Liddle says:

    We just got one of these. We use FuzziBunz mostly, but I really see why people rave about the BumGenius!

  4. I love bum genius diapers!

  5. I always have problems with poopy leaks with the BGs. My 3 and 1/2 month old is exclusively breast-fed and is definitely on the SMALL and SKINNY side of babies. I want to love my BGs so badly, but they just always, always leak!

    I'm guessing it's gotta be the very slender size of my baby, combined with runny EBF poops. I'm really hoping that this will grow into my go-to diaper when she's a few months older.

  6. Judson Family says:

    This reveiw was helful as I have been wanting to add some BG's to my diaper stash but to be honest the only reason I have not done so yet is that I absolutely dispise velcro, I have seen the BG's Converted to snaps has anyone read a reveiw on a converted BG and would it be difficult to convert them?

  7. UrbanIdeas says:

    I have been using the organic bumgenius 3in 1 since my DD was born over a year ago. I absolutely Love them. The velcro NEEDS some attention. Meaning, make sure to attach it to contour part when washing it. Prior to goin to the dryer, check if any fuzz is around the velcro and clean it as much as possible them again attach it. Also from time to time I trim the outside of the velcro part.


  8. We have used these diapers exclusively since four moths of age with my now 19 month old daughter and love them! The newborn insert worked for months with us. The only time we had breast milk poop leaks was when she would have an absolute blow out. The velcro does need to have some attention to keep it working well, but it isn't difficult. Make sure the tabs are secured to the reinforced part. Ours are too covered with pills now to use so I secure one tab to another. Every other wash or so I clean out any fuzz from the velcro tabs.

  9. I love finding deals to order BG one-size! Can't wait to start using them in a few short weeks. Save $10 off your order at Diapers.com by entering code IVYR0900 at checkout!

  10. Emily Korhonen says:

    we've used the bg 3.0's since our baby girl was 2 months old (and she's been exclusively breastfed the whole time) and we rarely have leaks, it's only happened a few times over night, but i'm pretty sure any disposable would have also leaked given the wetness of the diaper. i couldn't use any of the systems like the grobabys, flips, or econobum styles because her poop always got on the cover, and i ended up having to change covers almost every diaper change. bg's are easy enough for both my husband and my mother to use as well. we love our bg's!

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