Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper Review (Old Style)

One size Fuzzi Bunz diapers are officially my nighttime diaper of choice, but I also use them for naps and longer stretches of time. Keep in mind that one size diapers are bulkier in general, and these are even a little bulkier than some other brands. This is because their soakers are thicker and more absorbent. So naturally thicker, more absorbent inserts will add a little more padding to the nappy.

I had the privilege to purchase and use these diapers in January 2009 before they officially came out on the market. They have since updated them and are on their 3rd version with an added hip snap, which I am anxious to try (fingers crossed). They look almost like a cross between the old and new pocket styles, but bulkier. They also use a different way of adjusting the rise and fit than other popular OS diapers on the market. Buttonhole elastic is used in the legs and back and can be tightened and adjusted to fit your baby the best. I noticed that it was a little time consuming to find the initial fit for your baby and had to do some trial and error, but after this I will only need to make small adjustments as my little one grows.

They will have the elastic available for purchase if you choose to replace it in the future once it has passed its prime, however, the elastic does have a limited warranty where they will replace it at no cost to you. I am guessing that you could also replace the elastic yourself if you are able to buy the buttonhole elastic through a coop or at a store.

Overall Rating: 9.5 (nighttime), 8.5 (daytime)

Overall Fit: 8.5

Style: One Size/Pocket

Size Weight/Range:
7-35 lbs.

Closure Style:
Two snap closures on each side; new version has one hip snap on each thigh as well.

Ease of Use: 8

These diapers come with 2 four-layer micro fiber inserts and are highly absorbent.

Materials used:
PUL and micro fleece.

Durability: 10

Pocket Opening:
In the back, generous and easy to stuff.

Rise: Moderate, Adjustable

Fits well and adjustable with elastic across the back and snap closures.

Adjustable with the buttonhole elastic for a snug, leak-free fit.

Casing/Elastic Style:
Channeled elastic, the most common leg gusset.

About us:

Affordability: $$$

Cost: $18.95

Care and Use:


Compare to:

Rocky Mountain Diapers

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  1. I have used the OS without the hip snaps. It is hard to adjust the elastic at first. I'm still trying to like this diaper.

  2. Christina C. says:

    I really want to try this diaper!

  3. I just bought some of these last night. Glad to read a positive review!

  4. I would like to try those, I love the regular sized FB.

    I'm giving away a Swaddlebees AIO on my blog!

  5. I have this diaper, it is really nice! only thing I do not like is the elastic pops out of the hide-away pocket once its a bigger side and less elastic loose

  6. James, Andrea, and Clara Smith says:

    I get excited at the phrase "night time diaper of choice." :) Maybe I'll have to try these. So does anyone have the problem of having a couple of good night time diapers you rotate through, but munchkin promply poos in them when you put them on at the "last change" of the night. :) I've gotten pretty inventive!

  7. Jackie at 3littleones says:

    this diaper looks great – i would lvoe to be able to try one!

  8. I passed over FuzziBunz when I first started cding but the new ones make me want to try them out!

  9. We have a new baby in the family and this type of diaper is new to me and I don't quite understand. Is it a cover for cloth diapers, or…?

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