Family Fun on a Budget (by Hannah Keeley)

We live in a time where our calendars are booked to the minute and it is common for families to go for days without sitting together for a meal. Not only can our families be strengthened as we spend more time together, we can also save money by finding activities to do at home. Mother of seven Hannah Keeley has some great tips for you on how you can enjoy the remainder of the summer with your family on a budget:

“Families are tightening their budgets and for many this means fewer activities outside of the home. With less dining out, movie outings, sports games or even summer camp, there’s no better time for budget-conscious moms and dads to really connect and spend quality time with their kids throughout the summer. Hannah Keeley, mother of seven, host public broadcast show, Hannah Help Me! and author of “Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover: The Six-Week Plan to Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family, and Life,” has tips for making the most of your family time this summer without breaking the bank.

Start at home
One of your biggest monthly investments is your family home so why not get your money’s worth? If your kids don’t think staying home is cool, here’s your opportunity to get creative.
* Establish a weekly game night and no need to buy new games, ask other parents if they have games that you can borrow.
* Subscribe to a home movie rental service. Let the kids add their favorite movie to the queue as a reward for an accomplishment.
* Strap on helmet and ride bikes as a family.
* Check out your local library and chamber of commerce for fun things to do in your own

Dining in Style

With the kids out of school and longer days, there is no better time for the family to be together than at dinnertime!
* Keep the meal simple so the family can prepare it together. I like to use affordable canned vegetables, like Libby’s, in recipes and as side dishes because they are delicious and easy to prepare.
* Dine outside at least once a week. It doesn’t matter if you have a patio or you do it picnic
*Let the kids in on the planning and the ambiance, such as creating handwritten menus or setting the table with brightly-colored place settings.
* Invite the kids into the kitchen and make it a learning experience. Kids can help you mix ingredients in large bowls and even open cans with this child-side can opener. Check for family-friendly recipes.

Get Out of Town

You don’t have to give up the precious memories created during annual summer vacations. While theme parks and tropical escapes may be the gold standard of summer retreats, there are a lot of great locales closer to home.
* Look for locations 3-4 hours away to save on airfare and make it a road trip.
* Try camping. Once a popular option, many young families are getting back into the adventurous spirit of camping.
* Use your own childhood for inspiration: is there a special place that you’d like to share with your own kids? Have your kids ever been to your old Alma Mater?”

She also has tips for stretching your grocery dollar, strategies for family meal times, five time saving tips and a seven day meal planner. So be sure to visit I need to start planning meals now that my hubby will be returning in a month from his 15-month tour in Iraq and I can’t get away with eating cereal for dinner anymore! I hope these tips help you out and the biggest reminder I got from these tips and strategies are to be creative, budgets allow us to spend money on the important things and it’s never too late to start good habits of being budget-conscious, planning meals and spending time with our families.

Click here for a money saving coupon on Libby’s canned vegetables. There is also a link on the left hand side of the

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  1. ktlasers says:

    I've already been to the library last week to check out local activities, so this week I'll go to the chamber of commerce!

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    My 18mo daughter's favorite Libby's product is the mixed vegetables, preferably done up with a masala sauce!

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  6. We are planning on having a picnic this week celebrating my daughter's birthday.:)

    plus having a family night together playing games we haven't done that in such a long time

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  8. Green Beans are the favorite-I think this is a great giveaway :)

  9. S Club Mama says:

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

    Very good tips, but do you have any ideas for something that would cater to a 2-year-old more?

    Very cute blog…love the little birdies.

  10. I am going to plan a dinner on the back deck for one night this week and include my daughter in planning it! What awesome tips!! Thanks!

  11. hbocanegra says:

    I think we'll try eating outside one night this week. My husband works evenings, so I'm always looking for things to do with our 3 kids. We already do a game night, but I never thought to borrow from friends. Both of these are GREAT ideas!

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  17. My daughter doesn't have a fav veggie – but mine would be green beans:)

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    I would love to try eating outside… permitting:)

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    Zealands favorite vege is a potato….does that count? 😉

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  23. We go to the library quite often already so I think this week I'll let my 3yr old help me make dinner one night. He loves to stand and eat corn right out of the can while I cook!

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  26. My 3 year old sons favorite veggie is peas (yes I said peas and he loves em!)And my 1 yr old sons fav is green beans. But they really love ALL veggies thankfully!

  27. My kids love to have picnics. I'm going to try to follow the tip to eat outside once a week! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

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  29. My kids really like green beans and corn.

  30. Life More Simply says:

    Thanks for the great post! I will be checking out my local library this week for ideas on what to do with two adults and a baby…that combination plus no money = cramped style in vacationing! :-)

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    We like the canned sweet corn the best.

  33. i like the Dine outside at least once a week tip

  34. we like the canned green beans

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  37. I like the when planning out the menu tip, choose dishes that don’t need a lot of fuss. Time to grab those paper plates and utensils :-)

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  41. All my kids & older grandkids love corn, my youngest granddaughter loves Small Whole Beets LOL

    Great giveaway..thanks

  42. rubymoon says:

    We are eating outside now at least once or twice a week since I read through the tips.
    "Dine outside at least once a week. It doesn’t matter if you have a patio or you do it picnic style – either way, you can enjoy the fresh air and quality time together." The kid's love to do this.

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    I really would like to start incorporating a family game night. I am thinking picnic style dinner outside in the summer and on the carpet in the livingroom in the winter. Thanks for the idea!

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    I don't know if it should really be counted as vegetable intake..But my girls fav is Corn. LOL They dig potatoes too.

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    One of Hannah's tips is to dine outside at least once a week. It doesn't matter if you have a patio or you do it picnic style.

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  61. Eating outside sounds like a fun idea!

  62. My kids love corn!

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    My kids have been wanting to go camping so that's our next outing.

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    my kids love corn

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    I'd like to visit the chamber of commerce and get more local activity info ( :

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    My kids prefer green beans and corn equally- It is a toss up

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  71. Lil Mouse says:

    She comments on a home movie rental service, but we get 'free' movies by going to the local library. You can also check out books (of course!), games, puppets, music etc!

  72. Madonna Cramer says:

    I like your ideas about a family game night, we love board games and do have a game night once a week unless school stuff keeps us really busy, but I hadn't thought about doing a games swap with other familes great idea.

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    The weekly game night is a great idea that I will definately be starting! thanks,

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    My son's favorite Libbys vegetable is corn! thanks,

  77. I want to establish a weekly game night.

  78. My kids love green beans.

  79. Mrs Mommy says:
  80. We are going to establish a weekly game night! We all love games and I just bought some new ones at Toys r us that was going out of business, so a great time to start!

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  84. my DS loves sweet potatoes and green beans!

  85. Oh, we visit the library every week, and plan on going again tomorrow. Also, I think I will try dining outside this week. Great tips!

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  87. My DS likes peas (after we mash them up for him), but he mostly drinks breastmilk, and since I love green beans the best, he probably likes them, too!

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  89. I plan to try this advice: Fill the sink with warm, soapy water so you can dunk and scrub tools and soak pots as you work.

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