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I will be the first to confess that only a short year ago I said (and I quote) “I would never use mama pads, that’s disgusting”. My rational was that cloth diapers were different than menstruation and it wasn‘t something I thought I would ever consider. Then I opened up my mind to the concept of a cloth panty liner and even started to design my own cloth liner and pad. I realized liners weren’t any different than washing your underwear and that led me to the point where I welcomed this E-A-Poos E-Pad review with open arms.

I had the pleasure of reviewing this adorable cow print E-pad. It has a soft flannel cow print on the top layer, a terry soaker, then a black fleece layer on the bottom. It has wings that wrap around your panties and snaps with one snap. I did not experience any shifting with the jeans I was wearing and was surprised at how soft and comfortable it felt. The regular E-pads are 10” in length and were the perfect length for me to feel secure and protected. They weren’t as bulky as I expected either and would be comparable to a maxi pad. They are topstiched and look beautiful! E-a-poos also sells 8” liners and longer, thicker postpartum pads.

I am ultimately a tampon girl, as I don’t like feeling messy, but I will definitely consider using cloth pads and liners on my lighter days and as a liner along with a tampon. They just felt so soft and you will want to check out the luxurious velour E-pads as well for a purely pampered feeling. The soft, comfortable nature of these pads provided an additional affirmation to me that I had made the right decision to cloth diaper my daughter– I don’t like disposable pads because of that plastic-y diaper-like feeling, and I can’t even imagine how a whole diaper would feel. If you have been contemplating mama pads OR if you were like me and don’t think it is something you’d like to do, I’d encourage you to check out her site and try out a pantyliner to start.

I also had the opportunity to try the E-a-poos Hemp Cotton Cosmetic Rounds and I can’t emphasize enough: ALL OF YOU NEED TO USE THESE! It never even crossed my mind to use reusable cosmetic rounds and not only are they natural and reusable, but hemp is a natural fiber that is good for your skin. These cosmetic rounds had a large surface space to cleanse well and were very absorbent (you cloth diapering moms will know the absorbet nature of hemp. It is the perfect fabric for these rounds!). You know you’ve been there. You are trying to take off your make-up or apply a toner and you end up using at least two cotton balls or squares and it seeps through the cotton onto your fingers or better yet: on your brand new dress. For only $3.50 for a package of 8 these are the perfect investment for your make-up routine. My mother and I just ordered a stash of them today, we loved them so much.

Buy It! Visit the E-a-poos website or Etsy shop to order E-pads, fitted diapers, or other handmade creations. We loved our sample of Goat’s Milk Soap as well: check out all her scrumptious scents!

A cow print mama pad was provided by Eapoos for this reivew.
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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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    they also sell nursing pads
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  2. They also sell ring slings

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    I first tried cloth pads for post partum. It was soooo heavenly!!!! I can't wait to use them once I get my period . I don't think I can ever go back to disposable pads… they feel terrible compared to the cloth! I also said (I'll never use cloth!)

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  22. I've never tried Mama pads but ever since my friend did a review for them on my blog site I've been wanting to try. I haven't wanted to take the leap and actually purchase them yet though – especially with this baby being ready anytime this would be a great time to try postpartum. I'm mostly a tampon girl myself but seriously considering switching completely.

  23. I would love to try these- I also saw that they offer Organic Flaxseed Warming Bags- great idea! Thanks!

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    I love the un-paper towels. Much nicer than my raggedy rags.

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  30. I've also always said "ewwww, no way" but have recently changed my mind and would love to try them after reading about all the other women who took the plunge and love them.

    I would also love to try a flaxseed warming bag for cramping.

    lbmoore66 at hotmail dot com

    I'm also hosting a giveaway on mommy pads but didnt have the opportunity to try them or review them, so I hope I win these!

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    E-a-poos also carries goat milk soap! I've never seen that before.

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  44. I have not tried mama cloth pads, but I really want to. I am like you said you were at first… when I first saw them on cloth diaper sites, I thought gross… but the more I think about it I really want to try them, because the disposable pads to tend to irritate me…. so I would love to win these so I can see if it is something I like

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    And I also use mama pads! :) After I had my first baby in 2003 and used cloth diapers with him, I realized it was odd not to be using cloth myself! I like them for the most part. I also have a Diva Cup, but have never used it (I've had it for like 5 years!)

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