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I had the opportunity to review a WAHM made AIO diaper from Baby Behind Covers. I am happy to feature WAHM products and support handmade creations by spreading the word to all of you. We reviewed the Girl Frog print pictured about and it is adorable. The velcro is user friendly, but easy for my DD to tear off, so pants are a must for toddlers. Each diaper is made lovingly by hand and they also sell clothing, costumes and quilts. These diapers are a great choice if you are weary about PUL or are looking for a new AIO to try. Again, heavy wetters will wet through these fairly quickly (about an hour for my DD), but they are trim and the flannel is soft against my DD’s skin. She also sells her AIO diapers in sets of 10, where they are only $8 each. So these are an economical choice and the flannel is super soft against baby’s skin.

Overall Rating: 6.5

Overall Fit: 7

Style: All-In-One

Weight/Size Range and chart:
Newborn 5-15 lbs.
Small 9-22 lbs.
Medium 20-35 lbs.

Closure Style:
Velcro tab on each side.

Ease of Use: 8.5

A 3-layer microterry insert sewn in. Absorbent but additional insert or booster needed to older toddlers or heavy-wetters.

Materials used:
100% cotton flannel, velcro, 3 layers of microterry and rip-stop nylon.

Durability: 7

Pocket Opening: None

Low to moderate rise

Fits well under my DD’s tummy.

Hugs around thighs well and adjustable with velcro.

Casing/Elastic Style:
Fit well around thighs, contain messes.

Differences in Gender for fit:
Rise may not be high enough for some boys, depending on their height/weight/body type so make sure to check the rise measurements of the diaper.

Affordability: – $$


$8-$12 per diaper or cover.

PJ St. John on Etsy


About the Company/WAHM:
“I am a Certificated ECEAP Preschool teacher in the Seattle area. I teach mostly 3-5 year ELL students. I have worked in daycares with children from infant to 13 years old. I love kids, and am very devoted to them.

I have looked into a bunch of different materials and don’t use PUL for health and environmental reasons. Some research suggests that PUL might not be good for your child in the long run. Other health issues include limited breathability (adding to diaper rash), and sensitivity to chemicals (reaserch suggests that PUL might contribute to sensitive skin and there might be some link to certain types of cancer later in life). PUL doesn’t break down in landfills, or really at. It is made from petrolium, mined from the ground and the refined, adding to greenhouse gasses.

In my shop I make diapers, clothing and costumes for children. I also sometimes have other sewing projects on my site. I currently have some costumes for adults, but am working on some children’s costumes. I do not offer custom items other than large diaper orders.”

My DD showing off her diaper. She doesn’t stand still for a minute, so this was the only usable picture I could get!
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  1. we just got a baby beehind in the mail and used it last night…. loved it!!! even if it is a bit bulky, it is so cute and holds it all in :)

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