A Cure for the Thursday Blues

What do you do when you are exhausted on a Thursday night after a long week, a sleepless night with your little one and stressed out? Well a long, hot bubble bath would be my first pick, but unfortunately not an option for me right now. I’d jam on my guitar or on the piano and sing, but everyone is sleeping.

My Thursday Therapy remedy? Ben & Jerrys (and blogging 😉 ).

Advice? Have multiple “coping skills” and flexibility with how you decompress, because your favorite options aren’t always available.

What to be cautious of? Using food as a way to cope can be a positive thing, but if used in excess or as your only means of coping can mean issues with weight (gain, loss or eating disorder). So make sure you have non-food-related coping skill in your mix.

Challenge for the week? Write a list of 5 different things that are healthy coping skills for you. And no, yelling and taking it out on everyone around you doesn’t count. When we’re feeling worn out, stressed or angry we are not always in our clearest mind-set, so having a concrete reminder like a list can be helpful.

My list:
1. Journaling or writing down thoughts, feelings, frustrations.
2. Sublimate by singing or writing music
3. A hot bubble bath = relaxation
4. Spiritual outlet such as prayer, meditation or yoga
5. Service. Giving and serving others can have a positive effect on self esteem, image and worth. This can be within your own family, neighbors, church friends or colleagues at work. Even leaving a motivating or “you’re awesome” note in your daughter’s lunch or on a post-it stuck on your co-workers desk can be little mood boosters for both parties involved.

I’d love to know your 5 list in a comment if you’re willing to share. We can all benefit from seeing other people’s ideas or coping skills and try them out to see if they work for us! Don’t we all get stuck in the “same old, same old” ways of going about things sometimes? Get two extra entries in my other curreny giveaways (can be split between two giveaways, one each) for commenting with your list! Simply comment “Extra Entry for Thursday Blues Comments #1” and “Extra Entry for Thursday Blues Comments #2”.

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. 1. Close my eyes and take a few deep breaths
    2.Singing or praying
    3. A massage … even if i have to stretch to do my own neck.. it helps
    4. Distracting my mind… doing a craft or thinking about the baby
    5.A nice warm bubble bath in low light and calming music

  2. 1. Yoga
    2. Grocery shopping. I know. I love it. I love it even more when I'm alone.
    3. Eating Ice cream mixed with milk while in my happy place (bed) while watching ER or Star Trec NG.
    4. Grooming myself in the bathroom with the doors closed! Things like a face mask, painting my toenails, twising my eyebrows.
    5.Watering my plants outside and walking around looking at what is newly growing.

  3. The Stout Family says:

    1. Couple of Mike's hard Lemonade, a chill pill, bubblebath then a cold room and a good movie and goog sniggling.
    2. While I'm in the long hot bubble bath, I make a to do list of everything that needs to be done and any errands etc… Its usually a pretty long list..
    get out of the bath and head up to watch my movie and I smile at the mess or sing it a song as I pass it..( laundry, laundry ur not bringing me down, bringing me down) blah blah blah.
    4.On the way to settle down I give my hubby and our 13 old daughter the list and say have fun mommies taking a night off. When I'm walking a way I say two sets of hands work better than one…
    5. Then i just cuddle up under the covres in my cold room and watching my movie and not let it bother me that I won't be able to find anything that my family puts away when they clean and knowing it won't get done right.. I just smile and am thankful for the night off..Of course i return the favors.. We get a date night with ourself whenever any of us needs it.. My best date is the one with myself…

  4. Jackie at 3littleones says:

    here are my five things:

    (1) take some deep breaths and close my eyes
    (2) curl up in bed and read a good book
    (3) work on our scrapbooks
    (4) cleaning (it actually does relax me if I can do it w/o interuptions)
    (5) pilates or yoga (but I have such a hard time finding the time for that lately) – and my body is the paying the price – I am startin to feel old :(

  5. 1. Blogging/Journaling if it is too private
    2. If I am SUPER DUPER stressed, a good cry helps :)
    3. Talking to my husband
    4. Godiva Chocolate
    5. Prayer (this should be number one)

    I also love to just take my 2 year old, put on some funny dance music and dance like a couple of silly dorks! It makes me laugh and laughter melts away the stress :)

  6. James, Andrea, and Clara Smith says:

    1. Stopping to tell God about it.
    2. Resting my mind, taking a nap (if possible), or zoning on the computer (entering diaper giveaways!)
    3. Making a list of what I feel needs to be done.
    4. Playing, talking, singing with my 6 month old.
    5. Evaluating my needs: am I hungry, am I tired, do I need to go to the bathroom (amazing how I'll forget), do I need a shower, do I need protein/carbs/water, etc? Someimes an apple or handful of nuts will help me keep going.

  7. 1. Bath
    2. Sitting down to take a break
    3. Getting out of the house
    4. Remembering to take it one day at a time
    5. Cleaning – A cleaner house=more relaxed

  8. 1. Shower/Bath
    2. Talking to my BFF
    3. Listening to my sappy music
    4. Going for a walk
    5. Baking and eating the product

  9. 1. Taking a long walk
    2. putting all kids down for a nap and get online to enter giveaways :)
    3. take a shower (without a baby on my hip)
    4. bake cookies, two purposes first smells great second it puts something in kids mouths so they are silent for a moment
    5. Hug a baby, that is always a great feeling

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