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Reviews and Tutorials:
KAM Snap Pliers
La Di Da Diaper Pattern
Make Your Own Cloth Wipes

Listed below are free and affordable patterns, tutorials and fabric or supply shops for those of you who want to sew your own CDs, babyslings or mamapads to save money or as a creative outlet. This list is not exhaustive so if you want to fill me in on or remind me of a great pattern or site, please comment or email me and I’ll add them to the list:

Articles & Resources
Comparison of 3 Free Diaper Patterns
Making Cloth Diapers for Your Baby (by Nessie of Northern Baby)
Sew Your Own Stash (by Chari of Take the Time to Smell the Roses)
Sewing Cloth Diapers Sewing Resources (Website)

Baby Carriers
The Baby Wearer (Other Links)
Karma Baby Sling (Tutorial)
SlingRings Make Your Own Sling Patterns (Other Links)
Wear Your Baby (Tutorial & Resources)
Cloth Diaper Patterns:
Celtic Cloths (Free Patterns)
Darling Diapers ($12.50)

Diaper Jungle Links to Patterns and Resources (Free)
Diaper Sewing (Free)
Mamabird Diaper Pattern (Free)
MiaLa Cover (Free)
The Nappy Network (Free PDF Patterns)
No Elastic Fleece Pull Up Cover (Free)
Ottobre Design CD Pattern (Free PDF Pattern)
Rita’s Rumps Pattern (Free Download)
Sew a Diaper Stash for $50 or Less (Free)
Side Snapping Cover (Free)
Template for an Adjustable Wool Wrap (Free)
Very Baby Cloth Diaper Patterns ($8.95-$12.95)
Fabrics & Notions
Mama Cloth
Cloth Pantyliners (Free PDF)
Online Coops (Yahoo Groups):
All Natural Fabrics
Diaper Fabrics Coop
Lovin Bundles
Wholesale Cloth Diaper Fabrics Notions

Make Your Own Cloth Grocery Bag (Tutorial)
Make Your Own Cloth Wipes (Directions)

Training Pants:
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  1. sleepissweet says:

    Thanks for the info! I'm looking forward to trying these.

  2. thanks! I will definitely try some of these! I like the 10-minute prefold!

  3. Mummatutu says:

    I found the 3 pattern comparison very useful… Helped me to decide which one to print and use to make my own fitted diapers! Thank you!

  4. sodahoney says:

    i have been looking for ideas for my 7 and 9 yr old granddaughters. and the sling is an easy project for them to make for the new (to be born) sister. Thanks for the links

  5. MamaSquirrel says:

    wow, you have so much good info here, definitely will look through the diaper sewing articles :)

  6. MamaSquirrel says:

    awesome resource, thank you so much!

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