Cushytoosh OS Diapers Review

We are thrilled to review and feature a WAHM made one size diaper for you called Cushytoosh. She has a shop on Etsy as well as a website and we were able to review her one size diaper in a bright green color. The diapers fit my daughter well and they are finished with top stitching and close with snaps. They have two snaps on one side and three on the other, in a single row, to secure the diaper on and have the ability to cross over for when the diaper is at a smaller setting. The microfleece insert opening wasn’t serged, but my understanding is that microfleece material does not fray so this shouldn’t affect the functionality of the diaper. I will keep you updated if anything changes as I use them over time. The diaper we received came with one insert, which will only get my daughter through an hour or so now that she is older, but Cushytoosh now has updated their diapers to include two inserts for their same low price of $14.95. With two inserts these diapers will be as absorbent as other one size diapers that use 3-layer microfiber inserts. So I would recommend these as a pocket diaper for someone on a budget. 

My daughter has always been in the 97th percentile and is a chunky monkey, but didn’t need to be on the highest setting like I thought she would, so we’ve got room to grow! It is a lot trimmer with just one insert, if that’s important to you in a cloth diaper, and her little toosh sure looked cute in them. I like the label/logo on the back as well. The only downside I found in the diaper was that it didn’t have a snap or adjustable elastic for the thighs. This may be something for families to keep in mind if you have a child who would benefit from having separate adjustability for waist and thighs.

Cushtoosh also offers Charlie’s Soap for 30% off so visit the Charlie’s Soap website and you can pick out what you would like to order through Cushytoosh. Also keep your eyes peeled for my Charlie’s Soap review coming next month. Cushytoosh also offers wet bags and other baby accessories. Looking to start a stash or add to what you have? So if you’re looking to add decent, functionally diapers to your stash and save money compared to more mainstream brands, Cushytoosh OS diapers may be a good fit for you and your little one. Follow her sales and updates on Twitter and visit her shop on Etsy.

Overall Rating: 7

Overall Fit: 7

Style: One Size/Pocket

Closure Style: Snaps, two on each side with crossover snaps.

Ease of Use: 8

The diaper comes with 3-layer microterry inserts which are moderately absorbent. You will need a second insert or doubler for heavy wetters and some toddlers. 

Materials Used: 
PUL (outer), microfleece (inner) and microterry (insert).

Durability: 7

Pocket Opening: In the back

Rise: Moderate/High

Single row of snaps across the front, highly adjustable.

Thighs: Fits well, but cannot be adjusted separately from the waist. 

Casing/Elastic Style: 
Channeled elastic leg gussets.

About us (from their website):

“I am a proud mom of 4. Just turned 45 and had my 4th and last :-) He’s a doll! Didn’t use cloth diapers before but I did with him. I was making nursing covers and saw someone was also making cloth diapers. Been hooked ever since. Thousands of dollars later, machines everywhere, material busting out of the house but my little guy is happy and cush as can be!! It’s kinda like that V-8 MOMENT. Why didn’t someone let me in on Cloth? But then again, CD’s are at the top of their game right now. The BEST EVER and the EASIEST!!….I try and keep my prices down because I had a hard time getting up the money for my original CD’s and my heart goes out to those mo’s who are in the same boat.”

Affordability: $$

Cost: $14.95


Compare to: 

Tiny Tush

A one size diaper was provided by Cushytoosh for this reveiw.
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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. I bought one from her a while back – a really cute Spongebob one. First, it took almost a month to get it and when I e-mailed her about it she said it had been sent out but when I received it it was postmarked 2 days after that convo. Then it came damaged. The fabric was torn in 3 places and two of the snaps were defective. I sent her a nice convo about it to let her know (including pics) and she offered me 10% off another item. I asked to just return it and she got very defensive about it. Eventually I was able to return it and got my money back in full, but it was a very disappointing chain of events.

  2. I have numerous CushytOOsh diapers, the majority of my stash. We LOVE these diapers!! She has always been quick to reply to my emails or convos. I always receive my packages within a couple days of her telling me it has shipped. We have been using our oldest CushytOOsh diapers for 5 months and they are still in great condition. We think these diapers are great!

  3. Ann On and On... says:

    You have a great blog with a lot of helpful "mommy" hints.

    It is great to have another SITSer, welcome! Come on over and check out my giveaway… 😀

  4. Thanks for all the great diaper reviews. I have found out about a lot of brands/diapers I have never heard about through you! Keep up the good work!

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