Storing Your Diapers

Store soiled diapers in a dry pail only. Wet pails filled with water and vinegar from “the old cloth diapering days” are unnecessary, messy and may negatively affect the performance and lifespan of certain textiles. You may store your diapers in a diaper pail (or kitchen trash can with lid) with a PUL diaper pail liner or in wetbags (I recommend zippered). Hanging wetbags are also available that you can hang from a door knob or hook and are also perfect to use when traveling.

You will also want a small or medium webtag for your diaper bag or when you’re on-the-go. The advantage of zippered wetbags is that you can use them for wet/soiled clothes, shoes, and swimsuits well past diapering years. Planet Wise wetbags are one of my favorite wetbags and come in small, medium, large and a wet/dry style with two zippered compartments. They are made well and come in dozens of fantastic designers prints.

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  1. Can you put this in a wetbag?

  2. i had no idea about the tea tree oil, very interesting!

  3. I've been contemplating a wet pail, but read your post, I guess I'll pass. I think it will just create extra work! I'm having ammonia issues though, it stinks even when I wash the liner. Tea tree masks pretty well for now, and disinfects a little at least!

  4. mojoraven says:

    I have to say, I wash the diapers every other day and still have issues with the smell.

    My mom keeps telling me that I should switch to a wet pail method like she used. But that just doesn't sound sanitary.

    I'm really not sure how I'll solve it.

  5. Leslie Guenther says:

    Okay I am still really new at this and I wash mine every other day. I am afraid of mold and smells so my question is how long do you leave them in the wet bags?

    • If you are washing them every other day, you should not come across any of these problems, although the climate and conditions in your home can influence this. As long as you are not waiting a week I don’t think you will come across many issues, but washing every other day will help avoid ammonia or other issues.

  6. Hmm, so do we need to rinse soiled diaper? or even wet ones to avoid the ammonia smell? I wash every 2-3 days and the laundry area is stinking. Now I run them through water (both soiled and wet) before putting it in the wetbag and then remove and place it in a laundry bag, together with the wet bag and wash. But I’m feeling that I’m wasting a lot of water doing this. What should I do? My little one is 5 months old and is just starting on solids so his poo is still quite watery.

    • There is no need to rinse them prior to putting them in the wetbag, although you will need to make sure you knock off any solids and you can give them a brief rinse with a diaper sprayer. There may be a little odor in the wetbag, depending on what kind you are using. Perhaps try some flushable liners which can help make clean up of loose stools a little easier and some pail powder to help keep wetbag odors at bay.

      • DS poop is still quite explosive and though I am using a liner, his poop still goes everywhere else. I have yet to get a spray though, will try to get one in the store sometime this or next week.

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