Swaddlebees AIO Pocket Diaper

Swaddlebees AIOs are known for their trim fit and side (rather than front) snapping style. I love to use this diaper for the convenience of an AIO and when putting my little one in certain pants or outfits where I don’t want as much bulk. These also have a pocket if you want to add extra absorption, which is the only way I think AIOs should be made! Side snaps are also a great choice if you have a curious toddler who tears their velcro and front snap closures off.

The older style did not have the leg gussets sewn and I know friends have reported some leaking problems, but this is not the case with the newest model. I pass this information along in case you have the opportunity to buy these used. Keep in mind although buying used is a great way to stretch your budget some of the old styles of various diapers are not going to be as good as the newest. This may seem obvious, but changes and upgrades are made for a reason!

Overall Rating: 8

Overall Fit: 8

Durability: 8

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Affordability/Price: $$$$$


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  1. coccinelleecolo says:

    I would like to know what are the advantages of the newborn over others Swaddlebees fitted?

    I think the trick is the newborn don’t need any insert, am I correct?

    Thank you!


  2. coccinelleecolo says:

    I have another question, how the wool cover is more convenient when it comes to washing?

    And I would also like to know in what temperature you wash your diaper?

    Thank you once more


  3. The newborn fitted is make smaller and trimmer to fit your newborn (up to 15lbs) best. It also has a special front section that snaps down for the umbilical cord and is made of super soft material for their new skin.

    Newborns do need an insert– a thinner insert or prefold, but they still need something for absorption. It's sometimes surprising how much such a tiny baby can wet!

    The wool cover is a natural material and needs to be lanolized (with lanolin). This makes it waterproof, but needs to be reapplied every 2 weeks. You only need to wash and relanolize wool covers every 2 weeks, unless it gets SOILED. This is because the lanolin and urine naturally react in a way that neutralizes the ammonia found in urine and any odor.

  4. coccinelleecolo says:

    Ok, thank you!


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