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happy heinys one size diapers

These diapers represent a large portion of my cloth diaper stash, and these were one of the first diapers I tried in the original velcro closure. I have since fallen in love with their snap closures that just came out in late fall 2008, since I prefer the durability (an appearance) of snaps.

I sold three of my original velcro closures to a friend, since they still have a great fit and leak protection, however, and this helped go towards the funding of my snap diapers. I still own a few in a velcro closure and it is great for the times of day my daughter does not want to stay still for a diaper change. They were still one of my favorites before the snap version came out, but the velcro was a little on the chunky side and would rub on my daughter’s tummy when she was still learning to sit up. The velcro does not seem to be a significant problem before or after this stage of development.

The other factor I dislike about the velcro closures were the laundry tabs. One would always get caught on things in the dryer and not fold down properly………until one day I was on their website and realized there was another way they recommended securing their velcro tabs for the laundry that solved this problem. You twist and stick the two tabs TOGETHER instead of just folding the tabs on themselves like other brands.

Happy Heiny’s have 4 rises rather than the 3 found in many one size diapers so there is more room to adjust the rise as needed for your child. The size range is almost identical to other one size diapers, it is just they chose to design the rise of the snaps differently. I like this as I have found girls need a lower rise than boys so I can adjust it more specifically for my daughter as she grows taller or wider compared to some other OS diapers.

Like many brands in the past couple of years, the leg gussets have changed and become more effective in leak protection, so if you come across an old style HH diaper, check the legs to see if the elastic is sewn in a “pocket”. This keeps the elastic from rolling out and exposing the inner layer of the diaper which can cause wicking or leaking. One of the 3 diapers I owned were of the older variety and the company happily sewed the leg gussets in place when I mailed it in. This can also easiy be done on your home sewing machine.

Overall Rating: 9 (velcro), 10 (snaps)

Overall Fit: 9.5

Style: One Size/Pocket

Size/Weight Range: 7.5-35 lbs.

Closure Style: 
Velcro, with laundry tabs
Snaps, 4 on each size

Ease of Use: 9 (velcro), 8.5 (snaps)

Comes with two 3-layer microterry inserts

Materials Used: 
PUL, microfleece and microterry.

Durability: 9.5

Pocket Opening: 
In the back.

Rise: Moderate/High

4 snaps on each side, highly adjustable

Keeps in leaks, some adjustability

Casing/Elastic Style:
Channeled leg gussets

About us: 

Affordability/Price: $$$$

Cost: $18.95-$19.95

Care and Use:



Compare to:
Snap-EZ One Size

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