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Diaper Sprayer

This diaper sprayer seemed relatively easy to hook up (although I just watched) and no plumber is necessary. You can adjust the pressure of the water stream and cut the tubing down to your desired length. The device itself works well and seems well made, however, the sprayer holder isn’t the best. I chose to hang it on my tank, which is less stable, but it’s not as easy to hang as I would like (since I usually need to do this one-handed).

To be honest I don’t use this diaper sprayer all that often since it gets the diapers so wet when I spray them. I can see how this is MUCH better than the old-school diaper “dunking”, but it is rare that I need to use this. Newborn, breastfed stools are water-soluble so you wouldn’t need it at that stage and now that my daughter is 10-months old the stools usually plop off pretty easily in the toilet. The sprayer is good for transition stools (4-8 months depending when you start solids) and softer stools.

So I could definitely live without a diaper sprayer, but they are convenient to have around. I look forward to using it to wash out my daughter’s potty during potty training and have a feeling it will get a lot of use at that time.

Diaper sprayers can also be used as a bidet would, or for postpartum or menstrual hygiene.

I would rate this an 8. a 5. IT STARTED LEAKING!

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  1. I have been wondering about cloth wipes. My daughter has super sensitive skin, so I want to see if it will help. I have just been wondering about the logistics: do you wet a couple right before changing a diaper? Do you wet a bunch at the begininng of the day and put them in a wipes container (wouldn't it get stinky)? I just don't know how to go about it… Any tips?

  2. My favorite wipes are the bG bamboo wipes listed above. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, soft of baby's bottom and a renewable resource. I have tried 2 different methods with cloth wipes. A pray bottle filled with wipes solution (store bought or home made) and you can spray it on the wipe or straight on to baby's bottom. I currently use a wipes warmer, but only certain brands work well with cloth diapers (i.e. Lion Heart). Hope this helps and I LOVE using cloth wipes!

  3. UrbanIdeas says:

    I did buy the sprayer and is a waste of money. As said after less than a week it started leaking. The parts are very cheap. Pity as it is an awesome idea and when working it simplified my life.


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