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I have tried both the old style and the new style of these all in ones (AIO). They use velcro closures and the only differences between V1 and V2 is that they removed the fleece from the leg gussets and made the soaker a little wider. I agree the changes in the V2 are better, but V1 has performed pretty much the same, so I am happy with them as well.

You cannot beat the convenience of an AIO! No stuffing or unstuffing, and the most similar to a disposal diaper. It would be a pricier route to have all your CD be AIOs, but you’d still save a significant amount of money compared to disposals. I like to have a handful of “sized” diapers in my stash, because they are more trim and so convinient. These are not as absorbent as my daughter needs as a toddler, but have a pocket so that extra inserts may be added.

I have found these AIOs to be trim and the velcro closures are convenient as well (again, similar to how you would secure a disposal). I only wish they offered them in a snap closure for better “toddler-proofing” and durability of the diapers. My snap diapers all look much newer than my velcro diapers that are the same age.

Overall Rating: 8

Overall Fit: 8.5

Fabrics used:
PUL, microfleece, microterry

Adjustable with the velcro closures and velcro in back helps contain messes, especially when laying down or sleeping.

Great fit around thigh, but cannot be adjusted too much without changing the waist fit as well. Velco tabs may be angled slightly to tighten or loosen the thigh fit.


Pocket Opening:
Located in the front as opposed to the back, this is meant for doublers and inserts for additional absorption. Don’t forget to unstuff these before washing them though (sometimes I forget I added something because theyr’e AIOs).

Closure Style: Velcro

Laundry Tabs: Yes

Thirsties AIOs have a built in soaker equivilant to one 3-layer microfiber soaker in a pocket diaper. This is convenient, because there is no stuffing and un-stuffing, but will require more drying time than pocket diapers.

Leg Gussets:
These have what I like to call “double leg gussets” much like those of Imse Vimse and Bambino Mio Miosoft Covers. These contain messes well without being too tight on baby’s thighs so they work well for both skinny and chubby babies.

Differences in Gender for fit:
These seem to fit both genders equally well.

Ease of Use:


Weight/Size Range and chart:
X-Small – 6-12 lbs (3 – 5.5 kg)
Small – 12-18 lbs (5.5 – 8 kg)
Medium – 18-28lbs (8 – 12.5 kg)
Large – 28-40lbs (12.5 – 18 kg)

About us:

Affordability/Price: $$$

Compare to:
Bumkins AIO


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  1. My thirsty cover is getting stretched out and it's maybe been six months. I was going to go with these covers for the next baby but I'm afraid that is going to happen again.

  2. My baby is almost 3 months old and we have been using Thirsties covers with prefolds. I have really liked them. I don't get any leaks (unlike with disposables) and I think it is the most affordable way to go. The only problem is that my daughter has a BAD diaper rash and I am not allowed to put her in "plastic pants" until she is healed. I know that the rash is not from her CDs (it is a yeast rash), and I feel so bad using disposables and throwing away so many diapers every day! I can't wait to go back to my prefolds and covers.

  3. Fleece and wool are great breathable alternatives. Fleece is more affordable, but wool is more durable and a natural choice.

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