Mommy’s Touch One Size EZ Clean Diaper

The EZ clean in the title is eye-catching, and means no un-stuffing. There are pocket openings on both sides so that the soaker comes out on its own during your washer’s agitation cycle. So one less step to care for your pocket diapers. I own the velcro version and love that the diaper folds over in front to expose a soft strip of velcro for a lower rise and smaller sizes. The velcro is sturdy and has kept better than some of my other brands that use smaller pieces of velcro. These diapers are also available in a snap closure.

The downside of these diapers is that they don’t come with an insert unless the vendor includes a free one or an insert at a discount to go with it. And they are the same price as other diapers that include inserts. It has had good leak protection and a good fit. Absorption will depend on the brand and fabric of the insert you decide to use.

Overall Rating:

Overall Fit:

Fabrics Used: 

PUL, Microfleece.


Good fit and coverage.


Fits well and adjustable with Velcro or snap closures.


Adjustable. Can be folded down for a lower rise when child is younger or to customize fit.

Pocket Opening:

Openings on both sides so no stuffing and unstuffy, plus the pocket openings are generously sized.

Closure Style:

Available in Velcro or snaps

Laundry Tabs: Yes


These do not include an insert, so absorption will depend on the insert used.

Leg Gussets:

Fit well, contain messes.

Differences in Gender for fit:

Should work well for both genders and rise can be adjusted.

Ease of Use:
I love how I don’t need to unstuffy them after use.

As always, the Velcro version will experience more wear and tear than the snaps.

Weight/Size Range and chart:

Birth – 35 lbs.

About us:

Affordability/Price: $$$$

(Do not include inserts, however, some vendors will include one)

Care and Use:
Pocket Change. This is a sized diaper but also has the two pocket openings so they don’t need to be unstuffed.



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