Haute Pockets One Size

The cute elephant logo is what originally caught my eye with these diapers. They claim to use a more breathable PUL where some evaporation may occur, but some moms argue that they just plain leak. I have never had a problem with leaking and even use them overnight (11-12 hours) with both inserts (and extra doublers now that she’s older) in and have never had a leak.

My favorite thing about these diapers are that the two soakers snap together. I just leave them snapped when they are in the washer and dryer. No shifting around or fiddling with multiple inserts. The larger insert is a tight fit in the pocket, but I suppose that is the compromise of having more absorption.
They are relatively trim and have a great fit. They come in both velcro and snap varieties, however, the snap version only goes up to 30 lbs. The velcro version goes up to 35 lbs.

Overall Rating: 7.5

Overall Fit: 8

Style: One Size/Pocket

Size/Weight Range:
8-30 lbs. for Snaps (one reason for a slightly lower rating…my DD is on the last snaps already)
8-35 lbs. for Velcro. 

Closure Style:

Available in snap and Velcro closures with laundry tabs.

Ease of Use: 8

These diapers come with two inserts that also have snaps so they may be snapped together when your little one is older or for heavy-wetting times. I was inspired by this and added snaps to many of my inserts with my snap press!

Materials used: 
PUL, microfleece and microterry.

Durability: 8.5
These diaper are durable (we own it in snaps) and are still going strong without any problems or significant wear and tear. 

Pocket Opening:
Average opening, but the insert is wider at one end so will take an extra push to get it tucked all the way in. The advantage? More absorption and covered more surface space where baby can wet.

Rise: Moderate/Low.

Fits well, but only has one row of snaps so the thighs cannot be adjusted separately. I am still able to get a good fit, but this is something to note depending on your child’s body type.

Fits well around thighs to contain leaks, but as mentioned above, cannot be adjusted separately from the waist.

Casing/Elastic Style:
Channeled elastic.

Affordability: $$$$

Cost: $17.95

Care and Use:



Compare to: 
Wahmies One Size (snaps)

The item reviewed in this article was purchased by the author of this blog.
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  1. Rebecca Kenwick says:

    what is the price on these? They look nice!

  2. these look like really nice diapers!

  3. i love these diapers… i love the inserts the most, because they are formed to the shape of the diaper, rather than a generic rectangle that could be any old insert and leave room for leaks. these are top notch!

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